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  1. Well, it's obviously on the thread, so it's a comprehension issue. Hard to argue.
  2. I've often referred to the "mindless loop of stupidity" related to convos with you homey.
  3. I'm not worried about that which you find at issue here. I responded in kind to poo-flinging remarks.
  4. I'm referring to your intentional failure to read the thread and acknowledge the poo-flinging remarks to which I responded.
  5. That you refuse to read and acknowledge the truth isn't my problem.
  6. Thank you, sir. I must admit, your failure to read makes it easy.
  7. I'm not particularly interested in his excuses fidy.
  8. It is a two-page thread homey. How hard can this possibly be for you? I'll help you further, eliminate page two as it contains only your drivel.
  9. For the record, McLaughlin was raised in Christianity and served as a missionary in college. He was later introduced to drugs and alcohol and became agnostic.
  10. I responded to poo-flinging in kind.
  11. That would require a book. I'm not interested in writing a book. The 316 page Durham Report will suffice. I provided quotes for your convenience. Read them.
  12. I responded to poo. Go back and check.
  13. Those who used them for political purposes.
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