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Here's another "Where are they"?

Jenny AU-92

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Last year at this time this board was CRAWLING with Pork Rind fans and their smack talk. Have only seen a single comment from one of them so far this year and it was polite and respectful.

Just curious - DEFINITELY not complaining - it took forever to get the smell of bacon out of my computer monitor last year... :roflol::roflol:

War Eagle!!!!!

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COLD front moving into the state towards the end of the week.

Looks like it will be GREAT "NIPPY" :) weather for a hog killin' ! ! ! :au:

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It's definitely going to be a pig pickin'....and Jason Campbell will be serving it up to a patchwork Arkansas secondary.

The Senior leadership on both teams will make it a physical struggle. But in the end, AU has a wee-bit more talent and a significant edge in depth and experience.

Auburn's special teams unit has already improved from a weakeness to - at least - a neutral. Another good game against the Razorbacks, and ST moves to a strength.

O-line - advantage AU

RB's - advantage AU

QB - slight advantage AU

TE's - advantage Ark

WR's - advantage AU

Overall Offense - advantage AU

D-line - advantage AU

LB's - advantage AU

Secondary - decisive advantage AU

Overall D - clear advantage AU

Coaching - advantage Ark ( I like CTT better, but Nutt's 4-2 record deserves respect) Overall Staff: advantage Auburn

Special Teams - advantage AU

Intangibles - advantage AU (very healthy, home field, revenge for '02)

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Folks I think we will roast the piggies too but don't get overconfident. Some of you are sounding like LSWho fans the weeks before the Auburn game :D

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