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  1. I first thought this thread was about 10 wins but now as I read it turns out to be more of the same old stuff about coaches. Opinions are all over the place and it's amazing how many experts we have. That's going to go on for awhile I suppose. But I'm amused at how Gus is still in so many peoples' head. 10 wins this year......no way and no way any time soon IMHO.
  2. Wish I was more optimistic and I hope I'm wrong but my prediction is 6-6.
  3. I agree but IMHO we have one now heading DOD (former Auburn BOT guy Lloyd Austin).
  4. Thank you but it sure looks like some Auburn "faithful" want it to be. To each his own opinion but I said a long time ago that Greene was a nice guy but over his head as Auburn AD. He did himself in. I wish him the best but glad he is gone.
  5. I assume we are talking the same game. I was referring to the first team we played which was advertised as Israel under 20 team so I assumed they were and hence teen agers. Doesn't matter, they were outmatched.
  6. It sure isn't nippy in Auburn today. Hot as hades.
  7. Doesn't say much for the Auburn police if a tall guy on a moped can elude them😀
  8. Auburn player arrested. Thankfully nipped in the bud. Play ball.
  9. We beat up on a bunch of teenagers. Now let's see how we do as the opposition goes up a notch. Go Tigers
  10. Somone better get him some food. 155 pounds?
  11. Hope this isn't a serious problem. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/technology/the-10-billion-james-webb-space-telescope-has-been-permanently-damaged/ar-AAZNBe7?ocid=msedgdhp&pc=U531&cvid=644d8b89d4dd49bc8a50b140379c0aa7
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