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ObamaCare is, in fact, massively failing


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Truth Buried — Again

Posted 07/03/2014 06:47 PM ET

Bias: You'd think that a government audit showing how ObamaCare couldn't tell whether millions of enrollees were eligible for the subsidies they're getting would be front-page news. Instead, the press hid it from view.

If you wanted to read in the New York Times about these findings — which detailed rampant problems verifying eligibility and income information from millions of ObamaCare applicants — you had to dig 17 pages into the news section.

In the Washington Post, the story was on page 11, after stop-the-press-stories like a change in House travel reporting rules and a puff piece on the new VA administrator. If you relied on the network news, you'd be completely in the dark.

For anyone who's covering ObamaCare fairly, you couldn't miss the significance of the findings made in two separate HHS inspector general reports.

Basically, the reports revealed widespread and systemic failure to prevent costly mistakes, like enrolling people who aren't citizens, or paying too much in subsidies.

The IG found, for example, that the ObamaCare "data hub" — which was supposed to instantly verify an applicants' income, citizenship status, employer coverage and other key data by searching existing federal databases — routinely failed to do so.

When it wasn't suffering outages, the hub's data were often "not current or accurate." In one case cited by the IG, it listed some infants and children as being in jail.

By the time open enrollment ended in April, 4 million "inconsistencies" had piled up, of which the administration claims to have resolved only about 400,000.

The IG went so far as to say the federal exchange "was generally incapable of resolving most inconsistencies."

The other IG report found the federal exchange and two state exchanges it examined didn't have adequate internal controls, which limited their ability "to prevent the use of inaccurate or fraudulent information."

These failures are far worse than the disastrous launch of the ObamaCare exchanges last fall, which garnered lots of media attention but were later "fixed." Those failures only made it hard for people to sign up.

The glaring failures uncovered by the IG, in contrast, will potentially put taxpayers on the hook for billions of dollars in improper subsidies.

So why the media blackout? Well, the press has already declared ObamaCare a big success, so it can't very well admit that ObamaCare is, in fact, massively failing.


Oh well what else is new?

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It is failing if you judge it by the stated goals. By the actual goals and design it is a rousing success. It's purpose was to create chaos and problems and frustration. Afterward the people would demand the government do something and the solution would be single payer.

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