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  1. Man … you guys are gonna get carpal tunnel syndrome …
  2. Never understood the effort folks go to give Bo a hard time. Most QB’s are not successful in the pros. He probably won’t be but I wish him the best. He is all over the top 10-20 in different NCAA passing record books. But the one that stands out to me … in the history of college football no one has ever had a single season with the completion percentage he did this year on 470 attempts (note: team had 437 rush attempts so they weren’t pass happy). Regardless of the type of offenses or the variety of conferences played in or time zones or the previous all-Americans, heismans or all-pros … that record is his. That is impressive. And completely immaterial to what he may do in the nfl.
  3. The only coach I can think of is David Marsch in swimming. Possibly the most successful Auburn coach ever and admin didn’t take care of his sport. Nobody else though … maybe Heisman like you noted.
  4. Happened again. It’s a 1 run game. We get 2 outs then we give a single, double then home run on the way to giving up 4 in the inning.
  5. FWIW I’m less interested than I use to be. I think this will all end in many unintended bad consequences for the Pool of college athletes across all sports. High end football and basketball players will benefit for the sake of the semi-pro entertainment and the non revenue sports will get trucked. Then the high end players get to deal with Contracts, performance requirements, tax implications, agents, and any number of other factors… the pool of kids will suffer and the adults will continue to benefit while the total number of scholarship athlete benefits at lower levels will reduce it all makes me want to scream. College student athletes - who willingly volunteer to play sports for scholarships - should never have been given these extra benefits.
  6. We may simply have to play 8-9 guys instead of 10-11. More minutes per player like so many other teams. Broome plays a combo 4/5. Our SG’s play a little point. Moore slides between the 3/4 as an emergency. I just don’t think it’s realistic anymore to spread that much money and 10 or 11 guys of minutes. I wish it was but it’ll be awfully tough.
  7. Ryan Williams and Mbakwe are flipping from the turds? Maybe?
  8. As far as Gabe goes … he coached some record setting hitting recently and we had some positive surprises in early season base running plus we had some solid hitting early season.. He’s still the same guy. Can’t really speak to the others except we seemed to have a well thought of staff heading into the season. is it as simple as “one of those years”? Just put in the garbage and work for next year?
  9. The next rule to be overturned by the courts … don’t get playing time in December? transfer New years to a new school. Don’t like it? I’ll sue … bring on the chaos
  10. Auburn? Final swan song? Show he can be the difference maker?
  11. Surely we’ve set some record for getting 2 outs giving up a base runner (or 2) then a homer. I commented a couple times earlier in the season then i stopped “tracking “ it and boom here again today a 6-1 lead becomes a 6-4 lead
  12. I’m assuming it was about agents, money, amateurism vs professionalism etc… well those old ways are shot to hell. A seventh rounder needs to go back to college and sue the ncaa for reinstatement. NCAA has been clubbed in the courts regarding athletes rules. Why not this issue also. It’ll give the kids more control over their careers. May torpedo their futures in the nfl but it’d be fun to watch yet more chaos edit: and I’d love to have those 2 guys back
  13. Brutal season I don’t recall a season that was this pessimistic
  14. I’m bummed i think he could have been a critical piece for us next year. I just don’t get it
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