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USC/OU battle for second best


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The Orange Bowl will be a battle to determine the second best team in college football this year. The reality of the voting comes down to this - 50 sum odd writers and 50 sum odd coaches refuse to admit that they were wrong with their preseason votes and rather than admit they were wrong they are willing to saccrifice the Tigers for the sake of their own egos. We have all heard from voters who said they ranked USC/OU 1 & 2 in the preseason and would not move them unless they lost. Assanine! You move them down because it is obvious that they were not the best team. The purpose of the polls is to rank the teams according to how good they are. Any other criteria than that is rubbish. Most of these same voters admited that Auburn was the best football team. If you think they are the best why didn't you vote that way? Ego!

There can be no true national champion this year. USC & OU will play for the BCS title but it can never be a national title because the best team in the nation was barred from playing.

The system stinks.

And what about Texas? Money changed hands on that deal. I hope Michigan beats them by 200.

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