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America, Leading from Behind


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Hats off to CNN for editing and publishing Bobby Jindal and Jim Talent's article.

Looks like after 6 years of domestic turmoil on so many fronts, an inept State Dept, an Attorney General with a clear Political Agenda, a Commander in Chief on a world-wide apology tour, it has caused even some in the liberal media to finally wake-up.

Some article highlights:

The past six years have decisively proved the fallacy of equating rhetoric and set piece public events with effective global leadership. As a result, the "State of the World" is quite bad and getting worse all the time. From a failed Russian "reset" that beget an invasion of Ukraine to an Iran continuing to pursue nuclear weapons to the chaos that ISIS has created in Iraq to a rearmed and aggressive China to an unstable North Korea, global threats -- including threats to the vital interests of the United States -- have increased.

At the core of the President's failed leadership lies his distrust of the effectiveness and even legitimacy of America's leadership in the world. The President does not believe that America is exceptional because he does not understand why America is exceptional.

Even former members of Obama's own Cabinet have admitted as much. Former Defense Secretary and CIA Director Leon Panetta recently conceded, "I really thought that it was important for us to maintain a presence in Iraq." But he was overruled by Obama himself.

As a result, the United States now faces a much stronger ISIS and a longer battle to disrupt and ultimately destroy this heinous terror organization. Would that the President and all those who now support action against ISIS had similarly endorsed then-Secretary Panetta's recommendation to maintain an American anti-terror presence in Iraq three years ago.

Obama has consistently repudiated the responsibilities of leadership and for the past three years he has pursued a defense policy that is devastating the strength of America's armed forces. It is no accident that threats around the world are growing; they will continue to grow unless and until America regains its purpose and rebuilds the power that is the foundation of our safety.

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Those remaining defenders consists of a lot of folks who will never admit he is a failure no matter what he does. They are amongst us.

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