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Adding a new rule to AUN

DKW 86

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We have the 8 Rules of Happiness on AUNation, well I am going to add a new one.

Yes we have had an issue or two recently.

A user name was used that was "bear'sdead."

We had a flame war going on over some very unclassy comments about an "ole dead drunk." Well hell that could describe about half the state of Alabama. :)

But we here at AUnation might not be the greatest site on the web, but we are not going to be another insult fest on the internet like so many sites.

So from now on, we will leave those that have passed on before us alone. If it is out of respect for family, friends or just common decency, we will refrain from slams below the belt.

We here at AUNation are above that. Our Rival posters here are above it as well, or will be gone. If you want to talk ill of Bear, Shug, etc. Go to another board, there you can join in on the local slamfest.

We encourage good debate more than most here. We do not ban hardly at all. But because we respect your Right to Free Speech, we will deny your use of abusive speech.

Move along, the show is over...

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So does that mean i should change my sig???


I'll let you tire of it and then remove it yourself.

I think you can do the math.

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