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The Establishment Still Doesn't Get Bernie's Movement

DKW 86

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The folks in the Democrat Party Status Quo still absolutely refuse to believe that policy matters.

What does a Corporate Democrat look like and how did they get here?

Bernie Sanders raised a record breaking $280M online with an average $27. Folks, the Corporate Democrats will never get it because they dont want to get it. It would now mean thatg they would have to walk away from ther K Street Lobbyists and the Low Hanging Fruit of Lobbyist Campaign Money. Reforming the Democrat Party is going to be like getting a Junkie off of Drugs. It is going to be a long hard slog and lots of easy backsliding. Look, you are either going to Defend the Working Class, or you are going to be a Corporate Whore. The Republicans turned into that years ago. I was a Card Carrying Republican for 25 Years. I now plainly see who calls the shots in the Republican Party. It is not the rank and file membership. 

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