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A Final Recruiting Ranking

Proud Tiger

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Nationally recognized recruiting analyst Bill Hodges final rankings, for what they are worth are:

1. USC

2. FSU

3. Tenn.

4. OK

5/6. Mich./Neb. (tie)

7. Iowa

8. Miami

9. GA

10. Cal.

11. Texas A&M

12. Ohio St.

13. Auburn

14. Fla.

15. Va Tech

16. Texas

17. bama

18. Va.

19. Arizona

20. LSU (have no idea why he has them ranked this low)

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probably because lsu only signed 13 players


Could be. That's the problem with placing any emphasis on numbers. If LSU only needed 13 and met their need, then they should be ranked higher.

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13 looks pretty good, we know CTT's classes usually end up producing on the field much better than the initial ranking. I would be surprised if this team isn't in or near the Top 5 in 3 to 4 years...

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Rankings of this sort really don't mean much, just fun stuff to talk about. Wow Texas is low this year in the rankings, is Mack Brown gonna whine to get put number one so he can keep his recruiting national championship streak going? :rolleyes:

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