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Auburn’s offense hit a new low


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Statistically speaking: Auburn on pace for worst scoring offense of Gus Malzahn era

Updated 11:37 AM; Posted 11:37 AM

Auburn running back Boobee Whitlow is tackled during the second half against Georgia, when the Tigers mustered just 10 points against the Bulldogs. (John Bazemore)


By Tom Green | tgreen@al.com


Auburn’s offense hit a new low Between the Hedges on Saturday night.

After putting up just 10 points in a 27-10 loss to rival Georgia in the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry -- in what was again one of the worst offensive performances by a Gus Malzahn-coached team -- the Tigers are on pace for the lowest-scoring offense of the Malzahn era. Auburn is averaging just 26.5 points per game this season, which is currently a full point below the program’s 2015 scoring output, which was the worst of Malzahn’s tenure on the Plains.

Auburn’s scoring offense is also on pace to be the second-lowest of Malzahn’s career as a college head coach or coordinator, trailing only the 25.7 points per game Auburn averaged in 2011 when Malzahn was offensive coordinator.

Here’s a look at how Auburn stacks up statistically following its rivalry game loss to Georgia:



2013: 328.3 (1st, 1st)

2014: 255.5 (2nd, 13th)

2015: 196.4 (5th, 35th)

2016: 271.3 (1st, 6th)

2017: 218.3 (4th, 26th)

After Washington: 147.0 (12th, 83rd)

After Alabama State: 288.0 (3rd, 16th)

After LSU: 235.3 (6th, 28th)

After Arkansas: 199.3 (7th, 47th)

After Southern Miss: 178.6 (9th, 64th)

After Mississippi State: 163.8 (12th, 78th)

After Tennessee: 158.4 (12th, 83rd)

After Ole Miss: 172.3 (10th, 67th)

After the bye: 172.3 (11th, 67th)

After Texas A&M: 155.2 (12th, 82nd)

2018: 149.9 (13th, 86th)

Why: Auburn rushed for 102 yards against Georgia.



2013: 173.0 (11th, 106th)

2014: 229.5 (7th, 66th)

2015: 173.6 (12th, 110th)

2016: 169.5 (14th, 112th)

2017: 233.4 (5th, 65th)

After Washington: 273.0 (7th, 48th)

After Alabama State: 205.5 (11th, 85th)

After LSU: 203.0 (10th, 84th)

After Arkansas: 185.8 (12th, 103rd)

After Southern Miss: 197.6 (12th, 98th)

After Mississippi State: 200.3 (10th, 96th)

After Tennessee: 217.7 (8th, 79th)

After Ole Miss: 217.4 (8th, 85th)

After the bye: 217.4 (8th, 86th)

After Texas A&M: 222.0 (8th, 79th)

2018: 217.0 (8th, 83rd)

Why: Auburn passed for 172 yards against Georgia.



2013: 149.63 (6th, 24th)

2014: 156.79 (1st, 8th)

2015: 124.47 (10th, 79th)

2016: 135.17 (6th, 54th)

2017: 153.59 (5th, 13th)

After Washington: 145.09 (12th, 59th)

After Alabama State: 150.25 (10th, 46th)

After LSU: 137.25 (12th, 69th)

After Arkansas: 133.31 (11th, 77th)

After Southern Miss: 134.96 (10th, 74th)

After Mississippi State: 126.59 (11th, 88th)

After Tennessee: 126.32 (11th, 89th)

After Ole Miss: 129.07 (10th, 82nd)

After the bye: 129.07 (10th, 78th)

After Texas A&M: 133.51 (9th, 70th)

2018: 131.33 (10th, 77th)

Why: Auburn completed 25-of-37 passes, with one touchdown and no interceptions.



2013: 501.3 (2nd, 11th)

2014: 485.0 (2nd, 16th)

2015: 370.0 (10th, 94th)

2016: 440.8 (6th, 43rd)

2017: 451.6 (3rd, 26th)

After Washington: 420.0 (11th, 69th)

After Alabama State: 493.5 (6th, 33rd)

After LSU: 438.3 (9th, 58th)

After Arkansas: 385.0 (10th, 89th)

After Southern Miss: 376.2 (12th, 95th)

After Mississippi State: 364.2 (12th, 99th)

After Tennessee: 376.1 (11th, 93rd)

After Ole Miss: 389.6 (9th, 79th)

After the bye: 389.6 (9th, 81st)

After Texas A&M: 377.2 (11th, 90th)

2018: 366.9 (10th, 98th)

Why: Auburn totaled 274 yards of offense against Georgia.



2013: 39.5 (2nd, 12th)

2014: 35.5 (4th, 35th)

2015: 27.5 (8th, 75th)

2016: 31.2 (6th, 49th)

2017: 33.9 (4th, 27th)

After Washington: 21.0 (13th, 100th)

After Alabama State: 42.0 (7th, 30th)

After LSU: 35.0 (9th, 53rd)

After Arkansas: 34.8 (8th, 46th)

After Southern Miss: 32.6 (8th, 54th)

After Mississippi State: 28.7 (11th, 73rd)

After Tennessee: 28.0 (11th, 74th)

After Ole Miss: 28.4 (9th, 71st)

After the bye: 28.4 (9th, 72nd)

After Texas A&M: 28.3 (9th, 74th)

2018: 26.5 (9th, 87th)

Why: Auburn scored 10 points against Georgia.



2013: 18 sacks, 1.29 per game (3rd, 22nd)

2014: 15 sacks, 1.15 per game (3rd, 15th)

2015: 19 sacks, 1.46 per game (4th, 33rd)

2016: 19 sacks, 1.46 per game (3rd, 27th)

2017: 36 sacks, 2.57 per game (10th, 100th)

After Washington: 2 sacks, 2.00 per game (11th, 67th)

After Alabama State: 2 sacks, 1.00 per game (4th, 30th)

After LSU: 3 sacks, 1.00 per game (4th, 21st)

After Arkansas: 7 sacks, 1.75 per game (10th, 55th)

After Southern Miss: 10 sacks, 2.00 per game (10th, 64th)

After Mississippi State: 13 sacks, 2.17 per game (11th, 69th)

After Tennessee: 15 sacks, 2.14 per game (11th, 71st)

After Ole Miss: 16 sacks, 2.00 per game (9th, 56th)

After the bye: 16 sacks, 2.00 per game (9th, 59th)

After Texas A&M: 19 sacks, 2.11 per game (11th, 63rd)

2018: 19 sacks, 1.90 per game (7th, 49th)

Why: Jarrett Stidham was not sacked by Georgia.



2013: 46.5 percent (4th, 24th)

2014: 52.5 percent (1st, 2nd)

2015: 41.3 percent (6th, 49th)

2016: 41.8 percent (4th, 53rd)

2017: 45.5 percent (3rd, 15th)

After Washington: 50.0 percent (8th, 39th)

After Alabama State: 39.3 percent (12th, 77th)

After LSU: 37.5 percent (10th, 80th)

After Arkansas: 35.8 percent (12th, 91st)

After Southern Miss: 34.8 percent (13th, 107th)

After Mississippi State: 32.5 percent (13th, 117th)

After Tennessee: 36.4 percent (12th, 95th)

After Ole Miss: 37.2 percent (12th, 87th)

After the bye: 37.2 percent (12th, 87th)

After Texas A&M: 36.3 percent (12th, 96th)

2018: 35.6 percent (13th, 103rd)

Why: Auburn was 3-of-11 on third downs against the Bulldogs.



2013: 88.5 percent (2nd, 21st)

2014: 87.9 percent (4th, 31st)

2015: 90.2 percent (2nd, 13th)

2016: 85.5 percent (5th, 52nd)

2017: 88.1 percent (6th, 36th)

After Washington: 80.0 percent (12th, 82nd)

After Alabama State: 75.0 percent (14th, 103rd)

After LSU: 75.0 percent (8th, 47th)

After Arkansas: 77.3 percent (13th, 102nd)

After Southern Miss: 80.0 percent (11th, 90th)

After Mississippi State: 78.6 percent (12th, 106th)

After Tennessee: 80.6 percent (12th, 92nd)

After Ole Miss: 82.9 percent (10th, 79th)

After the bye: 82.9 percent (10th, 78th)

After Texas A&M: 84.6 percent (10th, 61st)

2018: 85.4 percent (8th, 46th)

Why: Auburn was 2-of-2 on red-zone scoring opportunities, with one touchdown and a field goal.



2013: 162.1 (10th, 62nd)

2014: 168.8 (10th, 67th)

2015: 182.7 (11th, 81st)

2016: 132.8 (3rd, 27th)

2017: 137.0 (5th, 35th)

After Washington: 102.0 (7th, 35th)

After Alabama State: 74.5 (4th, 17th)

After LSU: 90.0 (5th, 18th)

After Arkansas: 104.8 (5th, 20th)

After Southern Miss: 92.8 (2nd, 8th)

After Mississippi State: 135.3 (9th, 51st)

After Tennessee: 125.9 (7th, 34th)

After Ole Miss: 125.5 (5th, 29th)

After the bye: 125.5 (5th, 28th)

After Texas A&M: 133.9 (6th, 34th)

2018: 151.0 (8th, 53rd)

Why: Georgia rushed for 303 yards and a touchdown.



2013: 258.6 (13th, 100th)

2014: 230.1 (12th, 68th)

2015: 222.5 (11th, 63rd)

2016: 229.2 (9th, 67th)

2017: 182.4 (5th, 18th)

After Washington: 296.0 (12th, 102nd)

After Alabama State: 227.0 (9th, 78th)

After LSU: 234.3 (10th, 82nd)

After Arkansas: 211.0 (8th, 63rd)

After Southern Miss: 211.8 (8th, 53rd)

After Mississippi State: 188.0 (7th, 30th)

After Tennessee: 208.0 (8th, 46th)

After Ole Miss: 222.5 (9th, 59th)

After the bye: 222.5 (10th, 62nd)

After Texas A&M: 222.2 (9th, 57th)

2018: 221.3 (10th, 56th)

Why: Georgia’s Jake Fromm threw for 213 yards.



2013: 126.88 (9th, 63rd)

2014: 124.19 (10th, 52nd)

2015: 116.99 (8th, 31st)

2016: 116.83 (4th, 22nd)

2017: 113.84 (4th, 19th)

After Washington: 138.01 (11th, 79th)

After Alabama State: 111.04 (9th, 47th)

After LSU: 111.41 (8th, 44th)

After Arkansas: 101.4 (5th, 19th)

After Southern Miss: 103.00 (4th, 15th)

After Mississippi State: 100.5 (3rd, 9th)

After Tennessee: 110.91 (7th, 20th)

After Ole Miss: 112.92 (7th, 26th)

After the bye: 112.92 (7th, 27th)

After Texas A&M: 112.80 (6th, 24th)

2018: 116.38 (6th, 29th)

Why: Georgia completed 15-of-23 passes, with two touchdowns and an interception.



2013: 420.7 (12th, 86th)

2014: 398.8 (9th, 64th)

2015: 405.2 (13th, 71st)

2016: 361.9 (5th, 28th)

2017: 319.4 (5th, 14th)

After Washington: 398.0 (12th, 76th)

After Alabama State: 301.5 (6th, 35th)

After LSU: 324.3 (8th, 41st)

After Arkansas: 315.8 (5th, 22nd)

After Southern Miss: 304.6 (4th, 16th)

After Mississippi State: 323.5 (5th, 20th)

After Tennessee: 333.9 (7th, 29th)

After Ole Miss: 348.0 (8th, 34th)

After the bye: 348.0 (8th, 35th)

After Texas A&M: 356.1 (7th, 36th)

2018: 372.3 (9th, 49th)

Why: Georgia had 516 yards of total offense..



2013: 24.7 (9th, 48th)

2014: 26.7 (10th, 62nd)

2015: 26.0 (11th, 54th)

2016: 17.1 (4th, 7th)

2017: 18.5 (3rd, 12th)

After Washington: 18.0 (9th, 39th)

After Alabama State: 12.5 (6th, 23th)

After LSU: 15.7 (10th, 25th)

After Arkansas: 12.5 (1st, 3rd)

After Southern Miss: 12.6 (1st, 3rd)

After Mississippi State: 14.3 (4th, 6th)

After Tennessee: 16.6 (5th, 14th)

After Ole Miss: 16.5 (6th, 14th)

After the bye: 16.5 (6th, 13th)

After Texas A&M: 17.3 (6th, 13th)

2018: 18.3 (6th, 14th)

Why: Georgia scored 27 points in Week 11.



2013: 32 sacks, 2.29 per game (4th, 46th)

2014: 21 sacks, 1.62 per game (11th, 95th)

2015: 19 sacks, 1.46 per game (13th, 104th)

2016: 25 sacks, 1.92 per game (8th, 75th)

2017: 37 sacks, 2.64 per game (5th, 25th)

After Washington: 5 sacks, 5.00 per game (2nd, 5th)

After Alabama State: 9 sacks, 4.50 per game (1st, 3rd)

After LSU: 10 sacks, 3.33 per game (1st, 14th)

After Arkansas: 13 sacks, 3.25 per game (2nd, 12th)

After Southern Miss: 15, 3.00 per game (2nd, 19th)

After Mississippi State: 15, 2.50 per game (6th, 48th)

After Tennessee: 18, 2.57 (5th, 44th)

After Ole Miss: 24, 2.88 (3rd, 25th)

After the bye: 24, 2.88 (2nd, 18th)

After Texas A&M: 29, 3.22 (2nd, 9th)

2018: 31, 3.10 (2nd, 14th)

Why: Auburn had two sacks against Georgia.



2013: 33.0 percent (1st, 13th)

2014: 36.0 percent (4th, 29th)

2015: 44.9 percent (13th, 109th)

2016: 34.8 percent (4th, 25th)

2017: 32.9 percent (3rd, 20th)

After Washington: 35.7 percent (10th, 66th)

After Alabama State: 24.1 percent (3rd, 15th)

After LSU: 30.6 percent (7th, 28th)

After Arkansas: 27.3 percent (6th, 11th)

After Southern Miss: 25.3 percent (3rd, 5th)

After Mississippi State: 28.1 percent (4th, 10th)

After Tennessee: 32.2 percent (6th, 26th)

After Ole Miss: 32.6 percent (7th, 28th)

After the bye: 32.6 percent (6th, 23rd)

After Texas A&M: 32.2 percent (4th, 16th)

2018: 34.3 percent (7th, 34th)

Why: Georgia was 8-of-14 on third downs.



2013: 73.1 percent (2nd, 10th)

2014: 74.1 percent (4th, 13th)

2015: 75.5 percent (5th, 15th)

2016: 74.4 percent (3rd, 11th)

2017: 83.3 percent (6th, 64th)

After Washington: 66.7 percent (5th, 30th)

After Alabama State: 71.4 percent (7th, 36th)

After LSU: 80.0 percent (8th, 47th)

After Arkansas: 75.0 percent (5th, 33rd)

After Southern Miss: 78.6 percent (9th, 53rd)

After Mississippi State: 77.8 percent (7th, 41st)

After Tennessee: 78.9 percent (8th, 44th)

After Ole Miss: 82.6 percent (11th, 62nd)

After the bye: 82.6 percent (10th, 61st)

After Texas A&M: 81.5 percent (8th, 48th)

2018: 80.6 percent (8th, 46th)

Why: Georgia was 3-of-4 in the red zone, with one touchdown and two field goals.



2013: 40.54 (2nd, 9th)

2014: 37.44 (12th, 67th)

2015: 37.58 (7th, 54th)

2016: 39.90 (5th, 21st)

2017: 35.61 (14th, 115th)

After Washington: 39.00 (8th, 53rd)

After Alabama State: 38.6 (6th, 60th)

After LSU: 42.40 (3rd, 15th)

After Arkansas: 48.13 (2nd, 8th)

After Southern Miss: 42.13 (2nd, 11th)

After Mississippi State: 42.69 (2nd, 9th)

After Tennessee: 42.86 (2nd, 9th)

After Ole Miss: 42.97 (2nd, 5th)

After the bye: 42.97 (2nd, 3rd)

After Texas A&M: 43.35 (2nd, 3rd)

2018: 42.52 (2nd, 5th)

Why: Auburn averaged 37 yards per net punt despite Arryn Siposs averaging 40.3 yards per attempt. That was due to a touchback and a fair-catch interference penalty.



2013: 23.40 (5th, 27th)

2014: 20.03 (11th, 82nd)

2015: 27.94 (2nd, 4th)

2016: 19.04 (12th, 100th)

2017: 23.22 (3rd, 25th)

After Washington: 16.00 (11th, 90th)

After Alabama State: 17.50 (12th, 92nd)

After LSU: 20.14 (7th, 72nd)

After Arkansas: 29.63 (2nd, 10th)

After Southern Miss: 29.63 (2nd, 7th)

After Mississippi State: 28.33 (1st, 6th)

After Tennessee: 25.91 (2nd, 17th)

After Ole Miss: 24.08 (3rd, 27th)

After the bye: 24.08 (2nd, 24th)

After Texas A&M: 22.93 (3rd, 35th)

2018: 22.53 (5th, 37th)

Why: Auburn had one kick return for 17 yards.



2013: 25.79 (14th, 121st)

2014: 21.73 (9th, 84th)

2015: 21.17 (12th, 61st)

2016: 18.00 (1st, 13th)

2017: 27.20 (14th, 129th)

After Washington: 0.00 (1st, 1st)

After Alabama State: 18.5 (4th, 47th)

After LSU: 18.50 (4th, 45th)

After Arkansas: 18.80 (2nd, 41st)

After Southern Miss: 18.00 (1st, 28th)

After Mississippi State: 18.00 (1st, 26th)

After Tennessee: 18.00 (2nd, 27th)

After Ole Miss: 17.88 (3rd, 22nd)

After the bye: 17.88 (3rd, 21st)

After Texas A&M: 17.44 (2nd, 16th)

2018: 19.80 (4th, 56th)

Why: Georgia had a 41-yard kickoff return in the second quarter.



2013: 11.78 (2nd, 22nd)

2014: 17.82 yards per return (1st, 4th)

2015: 11.93 yards per return (7th, 28th)

2016: 10.69 (5th, 24th)

2017: 8.52 (8th, 51st)

After Washington: 14.00 (3rd, 21st)

After Alabama State: 13.71 (4th, 26th)

After LSU: 12.00 (6th, 44th)

After Arkansas: 16.54 (4th, 25th)

After Southern Miss: 14.53 (5th, 28th)

After Mississippi State: 13.29 (5th, 33rd)

After Tennessee: 13.29 (5th, 29th)

After Ole Miss: 12.78 (5th, 32nd)

After the bye: 12.78 (5th, 29th)

After Texas A&M: 12.29 (5th, 32nd)

2018: 12.32 (4th, 32nd)

Why: Ryan Davis had a 13-yard punt return.



2013: 7.0 (8th, 51st)

2014: 7.79 (10th, 72nd)

2015: 12.43 (11th, 110th)

2016: 3.17 (1st, 8th)

2017: 11.43 (14th, 108th)

After Washington: 0.00 (2nd, 8th)

After Alabama State: 0.00 (1st, 9th)

After LSU: 4.00 (7th, 45th)

After Arkansas: 8.50 (8th, 65th)

After Southern Miss: 9.33 (11th, 82nd)

After Mississippi State: 7.00 (7th, 52nd)

After Tennessee: 5.60 (4th, 39th)

After Ole Miss: 5.00 (4th, 30th)

After the bye: 5.00 (3rd, 29th)

After Texas A&M: 4.63 (3rd, 20th)

2018: 4.11 (3rd, 17th)

Why: Georgia had one punt return for no yards.



2013: even, 0.0 per game (9th, 61st)

2014: plus-seven, 0.54 per game (4th, 27th)

2015: plus-two, 0.15 per game (8th, 51st)

2016: plus-three, plus-0.23 per game (6th, 42nd)

2017: minus-one, 0.07 per game (7th, 71st)

After Washington: plus-two, 2.00 per game (3rd, 17th)

After Alabama State: plus-two, 1.00 per game (6th, 30th)

After LSU: even, 0.00 per game (10th, 63rd)

After Arkansas: plus-two, 0.50 per game (5th, 39th)

After Southern Miss: plus-four, 0.80 per game (5th, 25th)

After Mississippi State: plus-three, 0.50 per game (6th, 41st)

After Tennessee: even, 0.00 per game (9th, 64th)

After Ole Miss: even, 0.00 (8th, 66th)

After the bye: even, 0.00 (9th, 70th)

After Texas A&M: plus-two, 0.22 (7th, 53rd)

2018: plus-three, 0.40 (6th, 32nd)

Why: Auburn forced an interception and did not turn the ball over against Georgia.



2013: 40.64 (7th 30th)

2014: 68.92 (14th, 112th)

2015: 46.38 (7th, 34th)

2016: 36.54 (1st, 6th)

2017: 38.36 (2nd, 13th)

After Washington: 111.00 (13th, 118th)

After Alabama State: 70.5 (10th, 95th)

After LSU: 84.00 (14th, 119th)

After Arkansas: 73.00 (13th, 110th)

After Southern Miss: 74.00 (13th, 110th)

After Mississippi State: 63.33 (9th, 78th)

After Tennessee: 59.71 (9th, 73rd)

After Ole Miss: 62.25 (9th, 75th)

After the bye: 62.25 (11th, 89th)

After Texas A&M: 59.67 (10th, 79th)

2018: 58.90 (11th, 79th)

Why: Auburn committed six penalties for 52 yards against Georgia.

Tom Green is an Auburn beat reporter for Alabama Media Group. Follow him on Twitter @Tomas_Verde.

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Interesting for those JB haters... sacks 2017 36... 2018 19.   The same amount as many seasons since 2013.  Still a couple games to go but this notion that Stidham is under some incredible pressure is insane.  We can’t run with a flip.  But pass pro has been average at worst.

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9 minutes ago, corchjay said:

Interesting for those JB haters... sacks 2017 36... 2018 19.   The same amount as many seasons since 2013.  Still a couple games to go but this notion that Stidham is under some incredible pressure is insane.  We can’t run with a flip.  But pass pro has been average at worst.

Could it be that he’s scrambling and throwing it away more than he did last year? I don’t have any statistics to back it up, just wondering if that might be the case?

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1 minute ago, PigskinPat said:

Could it be that he’s scrambling and throwing it away more than he did last year? I don’t have any statistics to back it up, just wondering if that might be the case?

I couldn’t tell you those numbers but looks the same to me

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15 minutes ago, PigskinPat said:

Could it be that he’s scrambling and throwing it away more than he did last year? I don’t have any statistics to back it up, just wondering if that might be the case?

I think some of this may be the case. Personally, I think Stidham gave up on this Mickey mouse offense weeks ago. He seems to play with self preservation on his mind. Not exactly a jab at the young man, given the situation I'm  not sure I wouldn't do the same.

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The argument that the OL has been horrible this year has progressively evolved around the run blocking rather than pass blocking. Now while the PB hasnt looked "good" per se, they've been functionable the past couple games. The running game has been bad and DOA for 10 games now.


Also if youve watched the games its v obvious Jarrett hasnt eaten the same quantity of dumb sacks that he did often last year. Hes more content to run up the middle for 0.5 yards instead, so while its not a sack nor a throwaway, its something in between (but still bad)

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