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Baseball vs Troy

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Know we have 2 outs with no details due to an interruption. Isabel on the mound. Gave a 2 out walk which runs me nuts with an 8 run lead. Out 3 on pop up to right

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Carlson down on strike out

Brody at bat and singles. Great at bat

Land at bat. down on strikes

Nate at bat. Inning over on K

Four Tigers have hit tonight for 3 hits each.


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Brooks back on in B8

one out on pop up to left side

K for Fuller

two outs

Batter hit by slider that did not slide

Blake Burkhalter coming in for Tigers. Sure we are wanting him to get some work prior to our sweep of Bammer this weekend.

Blake hits batter on up and in fastball 

inning over on ground out


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