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AU gets Juco CB Irvins

DKW 86

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We are going to be stupid good with DBs.

Please, and I mean this, get the Rivals subscription, I cant/wont do the info robbing from them. But folks, if you think we are good now... Just wait.

They have an article on the projected best Rb in the nation coming to AU as well.

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Yopp beat ya by 5 days David.

I will echo your sentiments about Rivals. The 100 bucks a year is SO freakin worth it. Even if you disagree with their recruiting rankings, their coverage is second to none. They have 3-4 guys who write for the Auburn site and those guys are heavily involved in the program. Same for the Alabama site.

They update their recruit evaluations all the time, instead of twice a year at scout. They also have a lot more recruit interviews and video.

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