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The Anti-Gore

DKW 86

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Read all four pages and I see Gore as a guy that got all kinds of bad advice and lost himself trying to be a Washington guy. He ridiculously maimed himself with the absurd constant re-inventions. Anyone remember the woman trynig to tell him how to dress like an Alpha-Male?

Dont get me wrong here. He still has tons of problems. The hypocrisy of the power bills is just INSANE and INEXCUSABLE. The private jet wastes and pollution are the same. But, if you give him time, and he stays the Hell away from political advisors, he could be the Al Gore I liked back in 1988. I was wondering where that guy went. Seems Al may finally be finding him again.

The page three proposals are thoughful, moreso than I have heard in a while. IE, No Payroll tax! Substitute a Carbon Tax. You buy smaller cars and your taxes go down! I like that idea. Better MPG. I like that too. But when Al Gore can finally let go fo the moonbat stuff and be a REAL man about what he really thinks I will be there ready to help out. I compare him to a river. He is a river that was sssooo polluted by the Dems from 1992-2000 that he has just started to get some of that crap cleared back out. Just like a River recovering from bad pollution for years. It takes a long while to work all that stuff out. Gore SEEMS to be doing the same. I really hope her never runs for President again. It might destroy him. I think he is still damaged from the garbage he lived through from 92-2000. I thjink deep down he is a good man with great intentions that just got swamped by the Clinton BS Tsunami. The sooner he clears the debris away, the better.

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I have to also say something negative. He has a new book out called"The Assault on Reason." That was why I was reading this article anyway. He wants to know why we dont just apply reason to the Global Warming Crisis. He just throws away any ideas that contrdict his own. Like a pol would.

He then calls himself Churchill for a new age. Sounding the warnings that Churchill did prior to WWII. This is classic Gore mis-speak. Churchill pre-WWII was not using reason and logic. Chamberlain was. Chamberlain was wrong then, as is Gore now Global Warming.

I concede the pollution stuff and the better mpg stuff runs right mith my energy independent thinking. But, if Gore relies on nothing but reason he may get a result just like Chamberlain, WWII.

In dealing with the human condition, you must understand that the failing of Marxism and Socialism in general is that it fails to consider the UNREASONABLENESS of the human heart. We are greedy, mean, selfish, irresponsible, immature, etc. Marxists say "From each according to their abilities, to each according to their needs." The fatal flaw in all that is that what if we all just say we have needs? Mankind is lazy. He is selfish etc. You cannot correct that with reason. You have to correct it with the indivdual's need to better himself. Marxism says that is vain and should be ignored, cast out. To do that, you end up with a gun in your face and basically enslaving the population.

That is Gore's flaw too. Reason is a great tool. But just like you cannot use a hammer where a screwdriver is needed, it must be used appropriately. Reason said: "Deal with Hitler, Avoid the war!" A study of mankind would have told you: "Hitler is a sociopath, better start building some rifles and tanks so he knows that you mean business."

Reason cannot be applied to every situation. Some situation defy reason. Some people defy reason. Mankind defies reason.

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