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Happy Birthday

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Happy 100th to John Wayne, God rest his soul.

Saddle up, Duke!

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"I never trust a man that doesn't drink."

"I'm an American actor. I work with my clothes on. I have to. Riding a horse can be pretty tough on your legs and elsewheres."

"You can't eat awards -- nor, more to the point, drink 'em."

"I have found a certain type calls himself a Liberal...Now I always thought I was a Liberal. I came up terribly surprised one time when I found out that I was a Right-Wing Conservative Extremist, when I listened to everybody's point of view that I ever met, and then decided how I should feel. But this so-called new Liberal group, Jesus, they never listen to your point of view..."

"I don't want ever to appear in a film that would embarrass a viewer. A man can take his wife, mother, and his daughter to one of my movies and never be ashamed or embarrassed for going."

"It's kind of a sad thing when a normal love of country makes you a superpatriot."

"I read someplace that I used to make B-pictures. Hell, they were a lot farther down the alphabet than that . . . but not as far down as R and X. I think any man who makes an X-rated picture ought to be made to take his own daughter to see it."

"I wrote to the head man at General Motors and said, 'I'm gonna have to desert you if you don't stop making' cars for women.'"

RIP Duke

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