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Cheney's Day Planner Stolen


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"What is it exactly that the Vice- President does all day"

Gov Sarah Palin

Lucky for her someone has stolen a page from Dick Cheney's day planner. Now she will have a lesson plan she can just copy

Monday July 4 2005

8:00 am- make up intelligence, lie to people and invade a country

10:00am-out CIA Agent

12:00 noon-lunch with Haliburton exec's- funnel more contracts

2:00pm-trample on Constitution(just to keep the ole ticker working)

3:00pm-spoon feed that dumb ass Bush

4:00pm-declare "were in the last throghs of the insurgency"

5:00pm-shoot man in face

6:00pm-meet with big oil boyz

See Sarah, day complete!

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