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Kerry Job promises don't add up


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I have a feeling that there are quite a few Dems who are hating that this is the horse they've hitched their wagon to.

I think you are correct, but it is too late to get off now.

John Kerry said Monday that his plan to create 10 million jobs would include 433,000 jobs in Pennsylvania, the first time he's cited a specific number for the stat

It is easy to figure out how he will do that. Any state that is carried by GWB will immediately have businesses and Fed jobs moved to states that vote for John Kerry. No one will be allowed to transfer, new jobs will be created in Kerry States.

Kerry also pledged to pump $1 billion into Pennsylvania's state budget to offset revenue losses he attributed to President Bush's tax cuts.

Are these people too naive to know where this $1 billion will come from? How do you spell tax increases? JOHN KERRY!

a plan to close corporate loopholes that encourage companies to move jobs overseas

But if you already have most of your operations overseas (Heinz catsup) you will receive tax cuts and better loop holes.

The jobs number for Pennsylvania was based on past growth patterns that could vary in the future, said the Massachusetts senator.

He did leave himself room to flip flop on the jobs didn't he.

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Guys, when you are a politician and you are getting that specific about promises, it is because you are in PANIC MODE!

I think the Kerry "Titanic" hit the Iceberg about the moment the new jobs created hit 300,00 last month.

Unless there is a major event between now and the election, and the economy stays improving like it is now, the election is over.

Boortz still says that Kerry will not be the nominee, or will be torpedoed by the Dems before the election.

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