Softball vs. lsu(sun) - Game Thread

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1 minute ago, mustache eagle said:

Don't have the bats so far this year.  Seems as though enough season has happened that this may be what our hitting will look like this season?

would they have changed hitting fundamentals/philosophy in offseason such that we can't find our swing?

i hope it improves but I worry it won't 

losing our second best power hitter presumably until next year has really hurt our pop in the middle of the lineup is 1 of the reasons.

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True, but I'd have to see her in real games not fall. (Snow right?)

i wonder ... our girls hit BP against our pitchers.  Don't our pitchers have a philosophy that is different than other teams?  So we get into games against some of the elite pitchers who throwing for power and strikeouts ... whereas our pitchers are throwing for contact and defensive stops.  Who knows ... just throwing it out there

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Well that was a tough loss but no matter the score, it's just one game in the L side of the ledger.    Just shake that one off and come back swinging in a few minutes when the second game get's underway.


BUT...that weather looks brutal....

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