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  1. OK, well I guess your people lied to the FISA court to get 4 warrants to begin spying on a Presidential candidate, then maintained that spying while he was President and did everything in their power to disrupt his administration. We will leave it to history to say which group was worse. My bet is on your people!!!
  2. Not wearing a MAGA hat and never had one, but I am cloaked in what's left of the US Constitution.
  3. You are right. They don't compare. The Dems weaponized the DOJ against a sitting President. They spied on him and tried to take him down based on information that a paid informant to the FBI gave them, that they knew was false. The Dems were much worse that a bunch of a**holes that went into the capital!
  4. Uh yeah, the rest of the world was paying close attention in 2016 as well!!! https://gop.com/video/12-minutes-of-democrats-denying-election-results/
  5. Do you think the Biden Administration wishes they'd chosen a different day (then the day that August inflation #'s were released) to throw this party? https://nypost.com/2022/09/13/gop-slams-biden-for-out-of-touch-inflation-celebration/
  6. Yeah, except Trump insulted celebrities and the press. He did not insult 75M voters. You have to understand the difference!
  7. Reality is you’re a liar! BTW which one are you? You didn’t answer, I wonder why?
  8. I’m a second generation American so I’m none of those. Which are you? I hear the nut doesn’t fall too far from the tree so I have my suspicions. Trump wasn’t talking about any of the groups you mentioned above. Again you know this so why do you keep lying?
  9. And the two sides he was discussing were people who wanted to remove statues and those that didn’t!! You know this though so I think you’re just lying again!!
  10. @CoffeeTiger there has never been a comment you wouldn't add your opinion to....except this one! 😂
  11. Well @icanthearyou I guess you can't hear me. No response huh? You know the comment above means that you are a LIAR!😇
  12. You're good at assuming stuff I never said. Please go show me where I said Limbaugh was "great human being." I was refuting the dumbass statement that he was a "total failure as a human being." You know. the kind of blanket statements you guys always throw out there about conservatives. I don't agree with Gates' or Soros' politics but I never called them "total failures as human beings." And just for good measure, your statement from his show back in the day, is probably exactly what he said. I would need to know the context however because he often used absurdity to point out the absurd. It was very effective and he was very good at it!
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