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  1. Maybe…we were also helped with Coleman when Fisher failed.
  2. Regarding that 2010 ADay, I remember thinking when they let Cam throw to the 1st string WRs this offense is going to be fun. The slow walk-on WRs couldn’t handle his hot throws.
  3. Mystery solved? Not fast enough to play WR in the SEC.
  4. Where is the size/height going to come from next year? Any guesses on transfers we may be in the market for? Gut feeling on Cardwell staying (he has a COVID year, right?).
  5. Bruce Pearl’s success may have been the catalyst for the rest of the conference to go all in in basketball. “Oh heck naw” was the phrase uttered by every team not named UK, UF, or Arkansas.
  6. In other news, Joe is really getting this speech down pat.
  7. Such a sad announcement last night 😰😰😰 A great coach gone too soon…
  8. Praying for you fifty. My father in law was just diagnosed w/ pancreatic cancer. I’m believing for complete healing for him too. My wife, the lovely natural medicine nerd that she is, has gone scorched earth on the rest of the family. She’s cut out sugar from our diet and has us all eating apricot seeds (they’re not too bad, like bitter almonds).
  9. Anybody else investing in BTC or ETHE ETFs in the stock market? We’re (really my wife) well versed in crypto, both BTC and the Alts/Memes but I was curious how these newer ETFs would react, so I threw $1500 into Grayscale’s ETHE and BTC back in early January just to experiment. I’m up 40% since then, which is nothing compared to leveraged crypto alts, BUT, considering it’s the stock market I think that’s great. Advantages Ive experienced: - crypto fluctuates so much so the ETFs are somewhat volatile compared to other stock investments, which can be fun to track. - the ETFs seem far less volatile than the actual crypto coins so you have some built in landing cushion at the floor and ceiling. Less likely to lose your butt like you can with alt coins. - The ETFs seem to react precious minutes later than the actual coins do so you have time to dump your investment if you see a bad trend. - Trading ends when the market closes, so it’s nice not to have to wake up at 3am to close a position that’s going in the wrong direction…you wait until opening the next day.
  10. Where do you think he gets his inside information? Does anybody else get sick and tired of seeing this? And to keep it “bipartisan” for those of you who can’t grasp anything other than R vs D…here’s Pelosi’s big catch…
  11. Vivek = too polished. I think controlled opp - we’ll see. I put him in the same basket as Mike Benz, Tucker, Posobiac, Dome Lucre, Liz Crokin, etc.
  12. It’s not impeachable b/c neither the GOP or Dems want to impeach him, and the White Hats are still letting the commies put the nooses over their necks. It’s all going to change soon. All for show - don’t let it upset you.
  13. They’ve done a great job brainwashing you into thinking Trump is Satan…it’s a 24/7 effort. Which hoax(es) convinced you? Fine people hoax, insurrection hoax, rape hoax, bleach hoax, etc.?
  14. Shouldn’t get beat out by UCF for a kid.
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