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  1. Congrats - prayers for your family!
  2. I’m sure these poor people will comply with laws better now that they’re in the country…..
  3. I felt we came into the game overconfident and played undisciplined and sloppy. That one stung as I had real high hopes for this team.
  4. 10-35 million illegal aliens (depending on which estimates you look at) is something everyone should be concerned with. Whether it’s the burden on border and law enforcement, the financial burden on everyone for supporting them, the impact they would illegally have on elections (for states that don’t have voter ID or for the children of the illegal immigrants that are born here, or the drug and human trafficking that surrounds the border, and the crime that some of these migrants bring - the list of problems is never ending….. The real “threat to democracy” is currently residing in the White House, but it shouldn’t be much longer.
  5. and another, in case Fox Business isn’t credible to you. https://nbcmontana.com/amp/news/nation-world/biden-admin-flew-hundreds-of-thousands-of-migrants-into-us-using-cbp-one-app-illegal-immigration-border-crisis-southern-border But, I also assume you think Biden’s doing a great job securing the border, right?
  6. Now the Biden administration is flying illegal immigrants directly into our country. Failing to enforce a law is bad enough, but how is this not being an accessory, and therefore another impeachable offense? Anyone on the left care to defend this? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-13155765/biden-illegal-migrant-flying-program-national-security-vulnerability.html
  7. Prayers for a quick and full recovery and to find peace with a rough way to end his season...
  8. Just because I prefer Under Armor? I’ve got enough Under Armour Auburn gear to last a long while even if we do switch to Nike.
  9. Fifty - other than a love for Auburn sports, we haven’t seemed to find too much common ground, but I’ve enjoyed (most of) our discussions . But I want you to know that I’m praying for you and your medical caregivers. Here’s to a full and fast recovery. War Damn Eagle!
  10. Pulling for UA. Don’t like anything about Nike.
  11. Prayers for a fast and full recovery!
  12. GoAU


    Agree - there isn’t any nation, or combination of nations with the force projection ability to invade the US. Unfortunately all it would take is a massive cyber attack on our infrastructure or an EMP and about a week or two afterwards most of the country would look like NOLA following the hurricane, except it won’t be localized and assistance from neighboring states won’t be there to help.
  13. Did he re-commit? All I saw was that he cancelled his trip to Texas. Did he cancel his visit to Auburn?
  14. There’s a natural tendency to be curious, but if whatever happened happened outside of an “official capacity”, wasn’t criminal, and didn’t put the university in any jeopardy then I need to resist the curiosity, respect the privacy of these guys, accept it for what it is, and hope for the best for them. I would imagine they’re going through some tough times and whether they did anything to “deserve it” or not, I will still pray for them and their families.
  15. To make things even more complicated (and I’m admittedly NOT an expert) but I don’t think the NIL is signed with the school, but with a third party…. I would imagine there would have to be some sort of repayment agreement with the 3rd party in question?
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