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  1. Big upgrade over what we had. Bruce is no dummy.
  2. Not sure how GQ Mark Pope looks though lol.
  3. Love it. Really enjoy seeing Dylan progress over the past few years. He is such a great ambassador for AU. Really happy for him and for all of us.
  4. Correct. We won 25 games and a league tourney title because of Broome primarily along with a generally good overall team/ depth. I would say our PG play was serviceable over the regular season but that’s about it. And unfortunately the regular season and the NCAA tournament are two different animals and serviceable won’t cut it.
  5. Then sounds like you’ve answered your own question.
  6. Good for all involved. Now let’s get some real play makers in here at the guard spot once again.
  7. Seems like it’s both to me. Having the right coach works hand in hand with having the proper facilities and economic leverage to make things happen. Both you guys are right lol.
  8. Ha nah. He just has apparently not been with the team since the tourney loss and wasn’t with them at the signing today. I’ve certainly not got any concrete info.
  9. If he makes the leap it will apparently be for someone not named AU.
  10. He may not have been kicked out yes, but he was definitely told it would be more of the same for him. Coming off the bench and a role player at best. You can show someone the door w/out literally telling them to hit the road imo. From Bruce: What I anticipated in my meetings with KD was that our roster in the backcourt, particularly with Denver Jones returning, it's going to be a little bit more of the same for KD. "In other words, coming off the bench (and) not quite being able to play as freely as he would've liked to play. There's only so many minutes, only so much opportunity."
  11. So we are 12th in what will be the new look SEC in overall athletic success. What’s sad is that some folks here will still defend this when presented with an obvious statistic that isn’t that great to say the least. The point of this OP to me is about overall mediocrity, it should be understood we have some success here and there but this really hits home on where we are at as a whole at the moment.
  12. It’s been reported on here that Aden did not and has not met with the coaching staff after the season ended. I have no idea if it’s true or not but IF so, there’s more to that than allowing him time to mature or not. This is an odd one for sure.
  13. I don’t imagine any of them would have started and still won’t. Portal time.
  14. Just doesn’t look like UT gonna be able to pull it off at this point. Good game though, they represented themselves well.
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