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  1. He went down to Birmingham to have surgery this time... Lyle Cain performed the surgery. He'll be fine.
  2. Maybe not K Briles, in particular... but changes would have to be made if Stidham signs... highly doubt Lashlee would be his position coach... that wouldn't fly.
  3. The only way Stidham comes to AU, is if K Briles is here... That means a lot has to happen...
  4. people VERY close Wiley's situation are confident... I know it's still JUNE, but that's some good news
  5. Just passing along that Austin made the FIBA U17 National Team... that's a big deal. He's a stud.
  6. Yeah, let's hope Gus didn't 'intentionally' promise things to Dameyune he knew he couldn't fullfill... just to lure him away from FSU. Let's get real for a second... Dameyune was in a great situation at FSU. He left because he was promised it would be a faster track to an OC position at AU. Rhett Lashlee's stock could not be any lower right now (so no other school would dare hire him away), and especially with Gus determining he wouldn't cut him loose, the writing was on the wall regarding Dameyune and his promised promotion... It was best for DC's coaching career to leave.
  7. [Assuming Rhett is who drove off DC] I swear, if RL costs us JG... :realmad:/> The obvious question is how soon we'll need him to start. We can't afford to have to wait for him and need him to be ready immediately upon arrival--I shudder at the thought of two more seasons of 2015-level play, especially since it might take him time to develop. If at least one of Sean or Woody is developed well, that likely won't be the case. Either way, he could make SEC Ds panic one day. 1. He didn't so don't assume it. CDC's ego combined w/ Gus's Rigidity ran him off. 2. The only way RL costs us Joey is if RL leaves. Rhett is a huge reason Joey committed to AU in the first place. 3. You're worrying enough on the 2016 season. Keep your concerns there til after 2016. E, the only thing I have an issue with regarding your statement is, when you say "Dameyune's ego" is why he's not at AU anymore... That's just not true. Dameyune is probably the least egotistical person on the staff. He left because there were several promises that were made that Gus reneged on. He was basically lied to. He had no choice but to leave... and, everybody understands that (including Gus and Rhett). Talking about "Dameyune's ego" is painting him in a bad light... and that's not fair.
  8. I'm going to say this right now, if Kirby beats Gus next year AU hired the wrong coach. Don't care if Gus wins 10 games. I've been saying this since 2012...
  9. Damn... Manning, Newkirk, and possibly Marshall out... Need some linemen, bad...
  10. Anybody know if the Spain Park vs Mountain Brook basketball game is on TV tonight in Birmingham? AL.com said its on TV68, but it's not showing up on the guide...?
  11. Wonder how long JJ's gonna give him...?
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