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  1. This is long but you may be interested. It supports some of your points but not all. I guess the bottomline is that inflation is a complicated animal to deal with but all average Joe only cares how much things are costing while his wages aren't keeping up. Inflation in 2023: Causes, Progress, and Solutions (house.gov)
  2. There's hope for you yet. But better check cooling in hell because I was sure it would freeze before we agreed on anything.😀
  3. You OK with Biden's policy on Venezuela? 'Stop appeasing dictators': GOP senators demand Biden impose oil sanctions on Venezuela | Fox News
  4. Not one thing in particular. Just do a lot of research and follow a few stocks for awhile. I like tech and semiconductor stocks in particular. Over time I have done well in Apple (AAPL) and made a killing in NVDIA (NVDA). One tool I like is the Japanese Candlestick but you have to get experience with it and like any other tool it's not perfect. I also like to do covered calls but that takes experience and time to stay on top of them. Definitely not for beginners.
  5. I wish I could share with everyone what I've learned over many years using firms like Merrill Lynch and their brokers/advisors. Never again. I do very well own my own.
  6. I know he is not a Democrat but that doesn't change my comment. Maybe it hits home to you.
  7. ^^^^^ True for people like me who have been fortunate enough to invest in the market. But what about all the middle class and poorer folks who don't have the resources to play the market. The stock markets going up is the classic thing Democrats complain about.........the rich getting richer. Now post what the prices of things like gas, food, and other essentials are now compared to four years ago.
  8. Biden plays the blame game. He is so disgusting it's no wonder there are so many MAGAs John Kirby blames Trump for emboldening Iran as Biden weathers storm over 'don't' foreign policy | Fox News
  9. The news is now showing debris from drones in Jordan as well as Israel. Tow questions? 1. What should Jordan's response be/ 2. How should Israel respond to this whole thing?
  10. Yep youngun' Biden's energy policies area disaster.
  11. Yep at high prices to us. Let's face it, Biden's energy policies are a disaster
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