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  1. just giving everyone an update. they manually dilated her with the Foley tube to 4 cm and broke her water this morning. it's been a slow go since as it's been 8 hours and we are now only at five and a half centimeters but we making progress
  2. Alright AUFamily.... it's been a long hard 9 months but the time has finally come.... My family is about to grow by one as my firstborn son will be here sometime tomorrow night or Monday morning. she was due Friday and if she is not delivered by 5:00 p.m. Tomorrow that are going to induce her... Everyone here has been so helpful and supportive through this process and my wife and I are super grateful. Please keep my beautiful wife and soon to be born son and your thoughts and prayers and hope that she has a seamless delivery to a healthy baby boy. I will have pics ready to roll when he gets here.... war baby and war damn eagle!!!
  3. Some things about DJD's defensive scheme Switches up 3 and 4 man fronts. Usually with 3 down he will walk up an OLB. Loves versatility in his OLB and move them all over Uses his nickles to blitz quite a bit much like RR. Seems to prefer man more than zone as a whole, but will mix up coverages pretty well and run some good combos edit- not sure what he will do here as a lot likely depends on personnel
  4. Logic dictates that Chf wanted to interview him for sure. There is no evidence to say we got turned down or anything like that. from the jump people in the know have said kiffin and Durkin were the two leading candidates... why not do due diligence and wait to make sure your future DCs vision matches what you want.
  5. I'll add... most the people (especially in Twitter and Social media spaces) griping about his background have no clue what actually happened.
  6. i fully agree. Durkin is a very good hire imo. There is a reason Saban wanted him before he retired.
  7. I was thinking this in a conversation with an Alabama fan last night. why go where there's already potentially one of the best receiver classes of the year when you can go and be the stood of the class by miles?.... as for Malcolm Simmons, I agree, I don't think we should be sleeping on any of these guys
  8. possibly....i didn't say he would make us forget year 1 or even year 2 or 3... but by the time it's said and find I think he could. I hope You're riding. all three of them are gone after 3 years
  9. a-Coleman ... only because Perry isn't an EE b-Bryce Cain.... he is going to make us forget all about the RW saga. kid is a legit stud in the slot and I think he will have 4 years of production vs cam and Perry having 3 and likely hitting the league
  10. If he wasn't a fit culture wise or there was the stank of trouble in the air between coaches or players then probably best he is gone. I hated the 4th and 31, but I will not judge his tenure here based on that one play. He coached above his roster talent most of the year and without him we likely have at least 2 more losses. I think we need to get it right this time though...and I believe we will. WDE
  11. Facts...... Can't wait for the next 2-3 years.... LB- Riddick, Phillips, Barbers and Winters at the LB 2 deep. Edge- Waller and Little Faulk-er hehe
  12. Nice touch on the addition of the graphic there, Big Red!!!!
  13. DJ is a more athletic Deshaun Davis IMO. He is very physical. Built for that MLB spot. A head hunter. Has great eyes. HE is faster than DD but he is very similar IMO. Also, an underrated, locker room kid that you want on your team. He will be a starter for us one day.
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