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Daddy, "What is a "sheeple?" Well Son


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:puke::homer: Sheeple are people that follow blindly and never question their leaders.

Contrary to popular opinion there is nothing wrong with being a Sheeple. It’s easy to feel safe following a Sheepleherder. Do what you’re told and don’t sweat the little stuff. So what if the Sheepleherder is the only one in the flock with canine teeth, all the better to protect us with. Our weak and the old are taken away to “Rest”, but that leaves more for us until we become old or weak. The resources in our world are endless so we will never want for anything. I don’t see a problem here, do you?

The first thing that a Sheeple learns is not to stand out in the flock. Keep your head down at all times. Respect and longevity within the flock are earned from obedience and conformity. Sheepleherders are only happy when all of the Sheeple travel in the same direction at the same pace. Runaways and stragglers don’t live long and comfortable lives. We are encouraged to consume and reproduce, not baaad huh? How could we possibly want more than this?

A Sheeple must believe whatever the Sheepleherders say. Never question authority. Independent thoughts or actions are disruptive to the entire flock and will be dealt with by the Sheepledogs. Accept your lot in life. Never complain. A noisy Sheeple will draw the attention of the Sheepledogs and end up in deep poople. A wether, a Sheeple with no balls is the Sheepleherder’s favorite possession. That’s what I want my kids to be when they grow up.

As the Sheeple flock grows larger, groups are forming within the flock. Some of these groups are causing problems for all of us. They protect the weak and old from the Sheepleherders. They kick the Sheepledogs. Some run away to live in the mountains and take their chances with the wolves. The whole flock is punished for their acts of disobedience by having our supplies reduced. Shortages cause Sheeple to hoard and become greedy, easily controlled with a carrot under their noses.

A new day brings a new Sheeple to the flock. No one has seen this young Ram before. Says his name is Richard Rambutt. Richard became separated from the flock when only a kid. He had been chasing a rainbow and the flock moved on without him. He was adopted and raised by an old Mountain Goat. All of the other Sheeple were curious about Richard, and he about them. Richard was his own leader and took responsibility for his own actions, “what a strange way to act” they all thought.

A group of young Sheeple began following Richard and emulating his actions. Richard said, “I am your brother not your leader. Make your own decisions, take responsibility for your own actions, and learn from your mistakes”. “How can we do that”, they asked. “Assume nothing. Question what you hear from others. Listen with your heart and act with compassion. Learn something new everyday” Richard replied. They all heard his words but only a few understood.

Richard tries very hard to fit in and be part of the community. The males were constantly starting fights and the females want to make kids. Neither gender seems interested in anything else. The food and water are provided by the Sheepleherders, much easier than foraging for yourself. The food tastes good but it seems to make him feel dull and lazy. The Sheeple most obedient to the Sheepleherders have collars with bells attached. The other Sheeple follow the tinkling sound. The Sheeple with bells are called "Leaders", not that they know where they're going but because they have bells, not balls.

It's hard to know how large the flock really is, as the Sheeple are crowded together for their safety. The Sheepleherders are a different species.They are tall and walk on just their two hind feet. They have no wool on their bodies, only rough skin. They just seem to appear, with a pack of Sheepledogs close at hand. What happens after that no one can remember. Sheepledogs surround the flock like a wall, containing the Sheeple and barking warnings to all that approach. This is for your protection. Lay down and sleep, there's nothing to worry about. Trust me.

more to follow




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Sounds like the democrats during the Clinton administration to me. I've never seen more people blind to a leader's transgressions than the dems were for those 8 years.

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