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  2. Been playing around with risotto recipes. My first round was shrimp risotto. Turned out more…gloppy/sticky? But the flavor was nice. Used Alton Brown’s wild mushroom/asparagus risotto recipe tonight. The risotto was cooked much better, but I preferred the flavor of the shrimp risotto. https://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/alton-brown/wild-mushroom-and-asparagus-risotto-recipe-1916284.amp
  3. Kind of Frankensteine'd (FRAHN-kuhn-shteend) a chorizo meatloaf last night. It came out pretty good. -1 lb Mexican chorizo -1 lb ground turkey -1 lb ground lamb -2 eggs -1 diced onion -Half a cup, maybe, of breadcrumbs? -1/4 cup Dale's I think that was it. Mixed that thoroughly by hand and then put it on my smoker. I think it would do fine in the oven. Get it to about 140 internal temp and then pour sauce on. Topped it with a chipotle sweet potato sauce that I got at a healthy eating type restaurant here in Savannah called Clean Eatz, I think it might be a chain. But you can use any sauce you want. I can imagine all kinds of BBQ sauces and salsas would work. Bake with the sauce on there until it gets up to 155. I wish I had some green chiles or roasted poblano to put on there but otherwise it came out dyn-o-mite.
  4. Nailed my first reverse sear on the Recteq last night. Still can't believe Mrs. Loof surprised me with this thing.
  5. Bone-in chicken thighs. Smoked with hickory wood for about 1.5 hours. Marinade: one bottle zesty Italian, two cups Worcestershire sauce, crystal hot sauce with garlic, one cup soy sauce (or sub a Japanese teriyaki glaze), green onion, lemon juice. Glaze: anything with soy sauce/teriyaki Rub: combination of basic BBQ rub, slap ya mama, and light brown sugar (go heavy on the brown sugar).
  6. I did not know this. Thanks! Forgot to ask….is this covered or uncovered?
  7. I did not know this. Thanks!
  8. Happy Fat Tuesday, fam. We had simplified BBQ shrimp, fried oysters and red beans and rice. Abita Andygators with dinner and I'm about to make some Sazeracs. The BBQ shrimp recipe is a serviceable weeknight version of the real deal NOLA style. Definitely reduce the sauce after and pour over before garnishing with the green onion. If anyone doesn't know how to revive a day old baguette, just run it under a spigot real quick- coat it don't soak it- and then pop it into a 450 degree oven for 5-7 minutes. Alright, time to fix the cocktails.
  9. I've tried the microwave method, also, and it makes great sense to remove the direct heat variable that leads to scorching. But I haven't heard of baking the flour. Genius!
  10. For the roux, try doing it in the microwave. Sounds like a weird concept but I ran across it in some recipe and it's been a good trick for me. You can just doing short increments to get it as dark as needed. Google it for more info. I've also baked the flour in the oven to brown it to reduce the amount of oil used. However, that method does not provide as dark a roux as the microwave (it is healthier though).
  11. Welp. McWifey signed us up for Hello Fresh on a promotional deal. And I gotta say, it's pretty great so far. First night was smokey barimundi with smashed potatoes and broccoli. Second night was pork chops with a rosemary balsamic sauce, green beans and garlic bread. Tonight is some sort of curry dish. The level of effort is just such that you feel like you're cooking a real meal. You actually cook the food and I even had to chop rosemary last night. But the amount of prep work is less and it seems like they put thought into minimizing the mess. (Only one or two pans needed, etc.) And the food is really damned good, or at least the two meals so far were.
  12. or three….👀 Yeah, I was so afraid of burning it that I literally never let the roux settle while stirring. Finally figured out you gotta let it rest a little bit….but keep stirring.
  13. I was here... ...and then I was here. It doesn't take experience or skill, IMO. Just, like Refuge says, patience. Very much an enjoy the process deal. Have a beer, put on some tunes, use that time to dice the other ingredients, etc.
  14. Spot on man. Homemade Alfredo is legit easy and really, REALLY tasty.
  15. Don’t be scared of that roux. It just takes a little patience. I made one for several years for a crawfish fettuccine recipe before I realized I wasn’t cooking it long enough to really bring out the flavor.
  16. @ShocksMyBrain I lied. I have used the Seafood Gumbo recipe and it’s good. I have included a few more for your viewing pleasure/confusion. Also, the shrimp stew. It is THE FIN BOMB.
  17. I’ve never made gumbo, worried I’ll **** up the roux and subsequently the meal and evening.
  18. His Alfredo recipe (also from the Office) is great and simple. I’ll never eat jarred Alfredo again. https://www.bingingwithbabish.com/recipes/fettuccine-alfredo-the-office?format=amp
  19. You know, I’m ashamed to admit that I don’t have a go to gumbo recipe. Now, I do have a black iron pot shrimp stew recipe that is amazing. Lemme dig some.
  20. So funny, was just thinking same. My last batch was fire but I think I can do better. Also, I'm so pissed that I didn't realize you weren't in here. That's my B!
  21. @Tiger RefugeI think I wanna try making gumbo for the super bowl. Do you have a recipe you like to use? Anyone else can chime in, but I figured I’d defer to the resident Cajun.
  22. 100%. Made it last week. Got a great cut of chuck roast from the farmer’s market for cheap too. 2.5lbs for $19.
  23. Get the chilis. Do NOT use prebought powder. Holy cow, what a difference!
  24. @ShocksMyBrain's Kevin's Famous Chili. @Tiger Refuge endorsed. https://www.bingingwithbabish.com/recipes/2017/1/18/kevinschili?rq=Kevin&format=amp
  25. This is sooooooo up my alley. I'd also be tempted to finely dice up some Spanish chorizo to crisp in the oil before adding the tomatoes.

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