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I expect Stanley McClover, Quentin Groves, Marquis Gunn and Chris Browder to all play much better against Tennessee this time around. They have improved a great deal since they played on Oct 2. At that time they were just beginning to get used to playing against the "big" boys and in hostile stadiums. By the Bama game the DE position was the strength that many thought it would be. Not only are they rushing the QB much better, but they are playing the run better. These guys are fun to watch. I am not leaving Bret Eddins out of the mix, just that he is a Sr. and has been solid all year. The other guys are FR & SO. The future is bright.



I expect Borges to open it up like he didn't in the first game. :big:

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I expect to see several blitzes and stunts to get pressure on whatever QB (Claussen or Schaeffer) is in there. I think we will hound the QB and have pretty good success shutting the run down.


A lot of the same base set of plays. Different formations, but runs and screens to set up the long passes. I think we may see JC go downfield a bit more and post career numbers. I don't think we will hold back and put the 2nd string in unless we are up by 30. Even then, I think we will see some of the same playcalling no matter the personnel in the game.

Special Teams:

At least one trick play. My guess is that instead of Bliss rolling out and kicking, he's going to pass it. My see a reverse on a kickoff return or something unconventional to spark the team either at the start of the game or returning from the half. Tennessee will hopefully only kick off once.

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I see them coming out with a similar game plan to the Georgia game, establishing the run and using a lot of play action to the backs and TE. I would expect them to loosen them up by going down field a little more than the UGA game.

I just don't want them to go into a shell. They can take UT by 20 plus if they keep the pressure on. I wouldn't look for a blowout for several reasons. First UT has enough talent to keep it close with anyone. Second, CTT has called the dogs off in virtually every game he had a chance to run it up. I don't look for him to change now. Wish he would but I don't expect it.

If everything goes like I predict(and Lord knows, I been wrong before) I see:

AU 35

UT 14

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I think that Auburn has alot of pressure on them to win Big. I expect UT to play a ground control game. I think that Auburn will try and make Clausen beat them. Hopefully, we will not give up a big pass play like we did in the 2nd half of the season (except UGA).

AU31- UT14

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I expect:

1. A GREAT, well-played (hopefully well-officiated) game!

2. A Full House - Hopefully many more :au: fans than :ut:

3. I expect this team to destroy :ut: (AGAIN)

4. To hear a lot less of "Rocky Top" and a lot more of "War Eagle"

5. The :ut: fans to be a bit obnoxious and arrogant

6. The :au: fans to be very loud, but gracious (because we must win)

7. A really fun weekend in Atlanta with family and friends

8. An emotional appeal why :au: should play for a National Championship - I do not expect it to happen.

9. To see lots of orange but mostly the "good kind"- not the Road Crew, Home Depot, Hunting kind.

10. An overwhelming VICTORY! An SEC Championship!

WAR EAGLE! Can't wait!

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I really expect TN to play better than the first time around and make a game of it. They were embarassed by the first beating and they are still a good team with some good athletes. You just can't take it for granted that this will be a blowout, regardless of how they played the last couple of weeks. I look for maximum effort out of them. Remember, they are still the team that took it to GA in Athens. No one gave them any chance then. Auburn needs to show up ready, forget about all of this BCS nonsense and take care of business.

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I just can't see where UT has improved. They looked bad against Notre Dame, Vandy and Kentucky. Their Defense leaves a lot to be desired. Its amazing how they are representing the East. I think by default. Its hard to believe, but this may be a blowout just like the first game. I don't think they can shore up their weaknesses and we know them better now than before. It all depends on whether CTT handcuffs the Offense and Defense again.

:au: 45

:ut: 13

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This is a weird UT team probably because of aqll the freshmen playing this year. I saw big improvments each week defensively until the Vandy UK games. Can't explain the drop off there. Offensively we played 2 weak defenses that allowed our 3rd string QB to get some playing time. The jury is still out on him versus quality opponents. The coaching staff has done an excellent job all year overcoming several major injuries, 2 QB's and starting middle linebacker, and still made the championship game. We are hoping to keep it close into the 4th quarter. All I can say is we are here and may the best team win!

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