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Turnover margin


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Can Auburn use turnover margin to its advantage in 2022?

Lance Dawe
2-3 minutes

Auburn's ability to create turnovers may be important this upcoming season.

The Tigers have had relatively stout defenses over the past several seasons.

However, they've not relied on turnovers to consistently get the job done. It's been sound, fundamental schematics and great personnel groupings that has gotten Auburn to where they are today.

They could still stand to gain some turnovers this upcoming season, especially if they want to meet or exceed expectations.

Take a look at our stat of the day.

Stat of the day

Auburn had an even turnover margin (0) in 2021, which was tied for 65th nationally. They had eight fumbles and four interceptions lost, while gaining nine interceptions and three fumbles.

The Tigers have have progressively had a worse turnover margin  in each of the last four seasons (+9 in 2018, +6 in 2019, +4 in 2020, and 0 in 2021).

What it means

Auburn's defensive line may be the key to success in 2022.

If the Tigers can consistently get more pressure than they did last season (Auburn was 7th in the SEC in pressure rate), then it will put opposing quarterbacks in more dangerous situations, therefore creating the opportunity for more turnovers.

Given Auburn's difficult schedule, they'll need some things to bounce their way. Getting an interception or a fumble here and there would be huge.

May it also be noted that while Auburn did a phenomenal job at not turning the ball over in 2021 (12 total lost turnovers was 2nd in the SEC), they were horrible at forcing them (12 total turnovers created was tied for last in the SEC and 113th nationally).

Auburn's defensive scheme has to put the secondary in better situations this upcoming season.

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is calling you woody too much?


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6 minutes ago, aubiefifty said:

is calling you woody too much?


Fifty, you can call me anything but late for dinner!



*total sarcasm lmao

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I noticed in Spring Practice there was a lot of emphasis on gang tackling and stripping the ball. I think this staff realizes that they need to create more TO's this year. Defense has to really step it up as it will be hard to match how well O did last year in not turning it over with a new QB. That was one area I have to give Bo credit for he improved a lot in that area last year. Turnovers is why I don't think Finley will be our staring QB based on A-Day game he made some really bad decisions but got bailed out on a couple when D didn't intercept what should have been easy picks.

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