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  1. How have you not been banned for this? Totally unacceptable.
  2. I would never count out the best recruiter and currently the most talented/powerful program in CFB who also happen to share the same state with.
  3. It seems more likely that he will decommit from SoCal than actually sign. The Riley hype is falling back to earth. Fighting off Georgia and Alabama will be tough. Glad to hear we have a chance.
  4. Half the people in Broke were also in The U lol
  5. Sammie either didn’t know the right people or didn’t know how to ask.
  6. Is there a projected depth chart anywhere?
  7. If I had to guess, they are saving NIL funds for next year when we’re a bit more ready to make a playoff run. Crazy that CFB teams are not building rosters like pro teams but here we are. I’m with you. Don’t be married to PT. He will be gone in January. I’m sure CFH won’t let PT hurt his program’s chances going forward.
  8. I like the idea. Rotate between Samford, JSU, Troy, and USA.
  9. I agree with you. I’m to the point where I can’t get excited about Thorne. If we had Georgia’s OL? Sure. But we don’t. It’s possible he has another season like he had at MSU. RPO and keeping defenses honest will determine a lot of his success. Can he tuck and run and hit those open receivers if the corners bite? That’s one way he can create explosive plays. I don’t think he can do it over the top consistently. This is a normie take but if PT is struggling mid season, do you wash your hands with the guy and give the reins to HB or whoever is next man up? They’re selling the future and it could help with showing the next QB. Idk. This is probably the most pessimistic I’ve ever been about Auburn football. That Iron Bowl did me in.
  10. Depends on CFH’s long term strategy. Does he think he needs another top 10 or 5 class to survive past 2025? If so then we should expect 6-7 wins because 2024 will again be a “recruit first” season. If he thinks he can coach and recruit at a high level then I think 7-8 maybe even 9 is possible. Recruiting shouldn’t be as difficult as last year as those relationships have been established. A CFH who is managing each and every game plan and who has a better understanding of his program should produce more wins.
  11. Did you watch that game? Rofl
  12. The tall buildings in Vegas would like a word with you. I think I’m more blown away that TAMU and OU are within a FG than the UGA line. OU might be the most winnable game on that list which is hard to wrap my head around right now. Georgia is going to be insane this year. It wouldn’t surprise me if Auburn got blown out and we still go on to win 8 games. Auburn has not seriously been competitive in Athens in 19 years. Why would it start this year? Yes, new staff and all but this program knows that Georgia owns them. It would take an old school Auburn defensive masterpiece to beat Georgia in Athens. Hope I’m wrong.
  13. Our shirsey uniforms in Dixie Leage looked better than current MLB jerseys. How do you fail in such epic fashion? Crazy.
  14. Miracle is a strong word but I get your point. Alabama is more likely than Georgia. Kirby and staff will never underestimate Auburn no matter how the rest of CFB perceives them.
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