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Are the race pimps' days numbered?


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I've said for years that the deaths of Jesse and Al will mark the begining of better race-relations for all of America? These guys exist just to exist.


Imagine you're Al Sharpton. OK ... I know, you might find it hard to imagine that you're a fat, bigoted lying blowhard who's irresponsible rants have more than likely led to the deaths of innocents in New York City ... but try to imagine you're Al Sharpton anyway. You know you have absolutely nothing working for you other than your ability to manipulate the pandering media into giving you some face time on TV by simply spouting the dogma of black victimization.

Now .. here you are, standing as little more than an object of amusement for many, and an example of a depraved race pimp to most, trying to compete with someone who carries himself with the dignity of Barack Obama. What can you do? Get rid of the pompadour hairstyle? Suddenly develop an aura of respectability? Hardly. You really only have one option ... either you manage to get Barack Obama to legitimize you and elevate you to something close to his level by begging you for your endorsement; or you start ripping into Obama in the faint hope that you can somehow bring him down to play with you in the sty.

Yup .. .it sucks to be Al Sharpton. Finally Americans have seen what a bona-fide black candidate for the presidency looks like and talks like --- and he bears no resemblance whatsoever to you.

And if sucks to be Al Sharpton, think about how much it sucks to be Jesse Jackson right now. Why, this Obama upstart hasn't even established his credentials by blackmailing a major corporation ... and here he is being taken seriously! Life's tough, Jesse! How ya gonna keep the money flowing into your secret coffers when you aren't the leader of the pack any more?


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