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Nerd Test


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Have a go at it. You'll soon find that the last answer for each question is rather funny or sarcastic. That is the default "I don't know" response. Don't guess at a question unless you really think you might know the answer. If you don't have any knowledge of the question at hand, pick the last one so we get an accurate score of your nerdiness, untainted by lucky guesses. Of course, if you do know or remember a little something about it and can narrow it down to say, two different answers, go ahead and guess. Just don't make random selections when you know you're just shooting blind.


My score:

7.142857142857143% nerd blood flows through your veins.

The breakdown:

Blood test analysis shows:


You're clean. Although, the fact that you made it through the entire test without leaving in disgust probably does count for something...




You might be infected. Just slightly, but it will fester and grow and there is nothing you can do...you will be assimilated, resistance is futile.


Embrace the nerdness. Don't bother making excuses for why you were watching the sci-fi channel anymore, it's too late for that.


What's this, a well balanced nerd? Impressive.


Dangerously nerdy...no make that dangeresque.


You eat lembas for breakfast, know more IP addresses than phone numbers, and watch star trek reruns in your head. At warp speed.


l33t hax0r king! pwner of n00bs! All hail ye, and despair! ...do try to shower on a somewhat regular basis, though.

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Okay, I gave it a shot and confirmed what I have known for years.

I am TOTALLY hip and cool... B)

4.761904761904762% nerd blood flows through your veins.

The ONLY one I got right (in fact, the ONLY one I knew the answer to!!) was the Klaus Von Bulow Nicotine one - and that was only because one of you real nerds on this board posted it one time!!!! :D

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I think I got three of them right. One was on Mary Jane's last name, one was on the elven translation of "One ring to find them..." and the other I can't remember.

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At this point, I would like to plead my case for forgiveness from the "Nerd Gods", again, I answered none of the D&D questions!!!!

Oh, and, Live Long and Prosper!!!

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80% I guessed on and ended up with, 16.666666666666668% nerd blood flows through your veins.

I know absolutely nothing about D&D.

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I got the 4.76-whatever %...my score would have been lower, but the Badgerbadgerbadger link that someone posted in the Woodshed let me get that one right.

Never did the D&D thing, either.

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