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Dadeville TE Darrion Hutcherson, Prattville DL Justin Shanks, ATH De'Ante Lawrence and 2013 OL Austin Golson are visiting Auburn today.



Justin Shanks, DT

Prattville, AL

6'2 / 256

Offers (15+): Alabama, Arkansas, Arkansas State, Auburn, Florida, Florida State, Kentucky, Louisville, Memphis, Miami (Fl.), South Alabama, Southern Miss, Tennessee, UAB and Vanderbilt, among others.

Darrion Hutcherson

De'Ante Lawrence

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Can this be read without a Subscription?

PS: Was he happy, thinks it was a good/bad visit or what?

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For us dial-up fans, a hint maybe?

You mean like... "dial-up went out of style in the 90s"? :roflol:

Yes, like that. While I no longer have dial-up and what I've got is better it's still not good for videos. Sometimes if I really, really want to see one I'll let it take its 20 minutes to download and watch it after it's finished. There are a bunch of benefits to living was out in the boonies. Fast internet is not one of them.

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