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  1. One November or December trip to Pennsylvania may cause him to rethink that decision. It’s definitely all about the NIL with this kid. I’d prefer to move on.
  2. Either way, you pretty much have to keep shuffling until signing day. And then re-recruit your entire roster every year. Being a college football coach right now seems more like a headache than actually enjoying football. (It’s a big reason why little nicky left, so there’s a positive spin to it.)
  3. This kid was all AU for nearly 2 years, then he was all Miami for a week, then winds up committing to PSU. This is recruiting now. And it’s not fun like it used to be. 🤷‍♂️
  4. Due to the NIL era, I’m officially changing my celebration gif:
  5. Yeah, I think they’ll look for someone younger than Pearl. bama might need to be worried about them snatching up their coach. nate (as much as I don’t like him) would be a terror at UK. And honestly, IF somehow the Lord sees fit to bless us with one more year of Broome and Cardwell, we will just need one or two G transfers (depending on what Tre decides), and one transfer at the 4. If Broome, Cardwell, and Tre all leave, we will need a miraculous portal season in order to have a good team next year.
  6. PG: Tre Donaldson, JP Pegues SG: Denver Jones, Tahaad Pettiford SF: CBM, Jakhi Howard PF: Chaney Johnson, Transfer 😄Johni Broome, Dylan Cardwell If our 10 looks like this next year, I will be really happy!!!!! That would require Tre to remove himself from the portal, and 🧹 and Cardwell deciding to stay! And of course the portal to gift us a couple of solid players. Not likely all those chips fall in our favor, but it would be AUsome!!!
  7. Longstreet will commit this week. Maybe AU🤷‍♂️. We’ll see. Several others have an April(ish) time frame. We should have a few pop soon. ⏰
  8. After the surprising announcement that Calipari is leaving UK to coach Arky, are there any UK players that we can get to transfer to AU? I know the 7 footer Bradshaw has already entered the portal after a disappointing FR year. (could be a career trajectory similar to Kessler?🤷‍♂️). Any others that could be a good fit for us? What are your thoughts?
  9. Love this sweet family!!!❤️🙌
  10. I came on here and read some of the negative comments before I got to watch the game, so with that said, my take: Overall, I thought it was a pretty good day. Passing game looked a lot better. WR room is different! Cam Brown has stepped up. Several newcomers will be huge!!! Cam will leave here in 3 years as a first rounder and one of our best WR ever! I can’t wait until Perry gets out there with them! And we would be extremely pumped about Malcolm in any normal year! My Hot Take: Hunter is the 3rd best RB on the team. I’m not worried about the run game and OL concerns from A Day that others shared. The purpose of Spring was to get the passing game improved. Not many reps for run game. That will come together in time. Also, there were some blitzes called. I wasn’t expecting that at A Day. The D was flying around and making plays. Also, the interior DL may not be as bad as I originally thought. Given the issues I addressed with OL, I’m not going to get excited just yet, but they seem to be at least a little bit better than I thought at this point. We’re a long way from a championship caliber team, but things are moving in the right direction! War Eagle!!!
  11. Y’all forgive me. I’m sure this has been asked multiple times🤦‍♂️ However, does anyone have info on how we can watch the Spring game without actually attending?
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