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awesome gameplanning by TT and his staff...


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It looked like men amongst boy scouts last night by your tigers. I was especially impressed at the way the defense came out to confuse Ainge, and make him audible out of certain plays; the bluff worked to perfection.

I think I can honestly say that I didn't see this coming from your team, especially with how last season unfolded. You had alot of key question marks concerning your defense, still alot of questions concerning campbell, and even more question marks on how brown/williams would respond to last year. Tuberville and staff are doing a masterful coaching job up to this point, and it'll be interesting to see how the season winds up.

As for us, UGA just completely dominated, im sure yall saw the asskicking. I had an LSU loss penciled in before the game, but never EVER in a million years expected this type of shellacking. Saban will have to do some masterful coaching on his own behalf to get the players to buy in to the fact that the season is not over.

In any event, congratulations on your sound and convincing victory. It looks like the West is painted blue/orange or orange/blue this year and I hope you represent the SEC well. I'll tell you what though, that UGA/AU matchup looks to be the game of the year!

geaux tigers.

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Tuberville said Auburn didn't do anything special, though.

``We basically played base defense when it got down to the nitty-gritty," he said. ``Our big plays came off our base defense. It was good to see us have fun."


Imagine if Chizik decides to start using the zone blitz packages more often.

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