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Ridiculous Campbell Stat


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Jason Campbell is second in the NCAA averaging 10.02 yards per attempt, only behind Stephan Lefors's 10.24! That's in the 1999-2000 Kurt Warner range. How amazing is this? To put it in perspective, the top 5 all-time NCAA career leaders for YPA (minimum 900 attempts) are:

Ty Detmer, BYU - 9.82

Danny Weurfell, UF - 9.29

Jim McMahon, BYU - 9.00

Marvin Graves, Syracuse - 8.98

Donovan McNabb, Syracuse - 8.94

Campbell's career YPA is 8.28 (720 attempts). Unfortunately, for this statistic, 900 career attempts are pretty much only attainable for 3-4 year starters in QB-friendly systems. I would like to find a more comprehensive list with fewer necessary attempts.

I wish I could dig up an all-time SEC list with a more realistic number of attempts (700 or so) so that we could see where Jason ranks among the SEC single-season and career YPA leaders. Maybe StatTiger could help. :)

:au: WDE :au:

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Campbell is having a great season so far. It looks like he has matured and has a great mixture of talented recievers and other players to pass the ball 2. One thing that I am wondering about is why he hasn't ran the ball really any at all. I thought I read where he was gonna run the ball a good bit this season. The only time he runs is when he has no other option. I would like to see him run it up the field a few plays every game. This would add something else to our playbook. Campbell has really turned out to be a great leader on this team. He makes great audibles at the line. Cox is going to be a great qb but I think campbell is better right now. He has the experience and the leadership to take this team a long way this season. I think were looking at anywhere from the capital one bowl to the orange bowl. Thinking back on last season. I think coach borges is doing a great job. He has added so much to our offense. I'm really glad he got the job.


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Avg Player

9.29 Wuerffel UF

8.39 Bobo UGA

8.26 Campbell 01-04

8.26 Grossman UF

8.11 Manning UT

8.06 Barker Ala

8.03 Slack 86-89

7.99 Bell UF

7.96 Zeier UGA

7.95 M.Jones ARK

7.86 Johnson UF

7.84 Hodson LSU

7.79 Greene UGA

7.73 Mathews UF

7.71 Craig 94-97

7.67 Sullivan 69-71

7.64 Clausen UT

7.59 Burger 84-87

7.56 Carter UGA

7.56 Nix 92-95

7.42 E.Manning Ole

7.33 B.Croyle Ala

7.29 Hunter Ala

7.27 W.Peace UF

7.26 Stoerner ARK

7.25 J. Cutler VAN

7.24 Leard 97-00

7.24 M. Mauck

7.14 Madkin MSU

7.13 Taite MSU

7.12 Couch UK

7.08 Taneyhill USC

7.04 Shula Ala

7.02 Zow Ala

7.01 S.Spurrier UF

7.00 R.Miller Ole

6.90 Zolman VAN

6.84 Lorenzen UK

6.68 Lunney ARK

6.66 K.Page VAN

6.51 White 90-93

6.50 Fant MSU

6.30 Austin OLE

6.25 A.Manning Ole

6.21 Taylor VAN

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That is an awesome statistic.  Very Impressive


I saw an article in the Montgomery paper yesterday that discussed Campbell's running or lack thereof. There was a play on Saturday in which Campbell could have tucked the ball and run, however, he stayed in the pocket for another second of two and completed a pass for fisrt down. I don't remember the details but Campbell is following Borges' philosophy which is something like "why run the ball for yards when you can throw it for miles".

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