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  1. My AOL dial up struggles some but gets there after a while! 😄
  2. That’s funny right there,I don’t care who you are!
  3. This is great! I’m reading these responses and laughing out loud. Wife wants to know what’s so funny! She won’t understand.
  4. Well, 1 has sports, and the other enables murder! Wait!
  5. Just from a curious standpoint with no way to honestly know, but I wonder how this would be if he was still coaching at UW, or went anywhere else but Turdistan!
  6. That would be good starting with todays game!
  7. You think that is crazy…wait until he gets off with lesser charges, low $ fine, and doesn’t miss any game time! It’s the THUGA way!
  8. I will barely watch anymore as well unless something gets my interest. I got plenty to keep me busy. I will watch the NC game if it is 2 teams with 1 not UAT!
  9. Turnovers, and their foul shooting looks like may cost us. ridiculous!
  10. CBP is gonna light some arse on fire at 1/2 time!
  11. The way I see it they created their own monster. Hypothetically speaking, let’s say they were actually paying players under the table. Word travels and yes they were able to recruit TOP talent. Many of these players share these alleged, ahem, deals on the down low. Now these are out in the open, and this new generation of teenagers is way different than back before NIL. This entitlement generation is more open, and daring in their new approach. Not all, but enough to create the current state of the kids today. Between cell phones creating the immediate, and social media presence this ain’t actually very surprising, at least to me! plus they grew up in the everyone gets a trophy generation. WIIFM! Not a radio station!
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