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Hopefully this chart will ease some of yalls fears. All we need to do is keep winning and the rest will take care of itself. IF we beat :uk: , :om: , :uga: , and :ua: , and win the :sec: championshp game, we will be playing for the Natl Title, there is no doubt in my mind. But we HAVE to win those games first.

I can not believe some people are already looking at other teams schedules to see who they play and if they could possibly lose. WE have 5 games left to win!! We are barely over half-way there.

So I say we quit with all the mathmatical calculations trying to figure out if we will be playing if everybody goes undefeated because the odds of that are so slim. Let's just cheer for our Auburn Tigers every week and let the rest take care of itself!

Undefeated major-conference teams in the BCS Standings

Year------Initial release-------Final release

1998----------6--------------------1 (Tennessee)

1999----------5--------------------2 (FSU, Virginia Tech)

2000--------- 4--------------------1 (Oklahoma)

2001----------7--------------------1 (Miami)

2002----------7--------------------2 (Miami, Ohio State)



I got this chart from an article on espn.com. Here is the LINK if you would like to read the whole article.


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Question. When LSU played UGA in the SECCG last year, wasn't there some controversy over that game not being counted in LSU's favor? It seems there was some griping about the BCS not factoring in that game. Not that it hurt LSU but was that the case?

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Last year, when the BCS still factored in strength of schedule, it would not count a team twice in your strength of schedule or in your quality wins. So since LSU beat UGA twice, all the 2nd time did was hurt them because it made their strength of schedule actually go down.

But the BCS does not take into account the strength of schedule directly nor does it have a quality win component so it does not matter this year.

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You can not factor in a win against a team you have already beaten once. So if you rematch with a team that beat you it can help you if you win the second time.

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