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The "Dots" have moved again


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We had a discussion a month or so ago about the "dots" moving at this web site. Back during the primaries John Kerry's "dot" had him listed as a Hard-Core Liberal. Then with his speeches before, during and after the DNC convention his "dot" moved to Populist-Leaning Liberal. Now with Mr. Kerry is listed as a Libertarian-Leaning Liberal.

It seems that this site is somewhat up to date on what the candidates are saying at any particular time rather than showing how they have voted over their lives.


John Kerry is a Libertarian-Leaning Liberal.

President Bush's "dot" has also moved. Several months ago he was listed as a Moderate Conservative. Now he is listed as a Hard Core Conservative.


George W. Bush is listed as a Hard-Core Conservative.

Where several months ago he was listed as a Moderate Conservative.

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