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steve - o and the gaaaters


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this is just something that i believe, so dont take it to heart. i dont think spurrier can come back to florida. remember the tank black pay and play scandal? fred taylor, jaquez green and others testified in federal court they were all being paid while @ fla. this thing was really about to come to a head. all of a sudden, steve-o resigns and goes to washington. and equally as sudden, the tank black thing just goes away. could it be that steve-o cut a deal with the ncaa? he leaves fla, agreeing not to come back, and the ncaa doesnt come to gainesville? coincidence? maybe. did i just miss something? maybe too. that whole mess just always seemed a little fishy to me. in the interviews today he just looks like he's not telling something he wants to tell but just cant tell. like he's dodging something. i just want to see what others might think along these lines

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