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Strength of Schedule?


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Texas Tech


Kansas State


Oklahoma State

Texas A&M


Big 12 SHAMpionship (Iowa State??)


Virginia Tech




Arizona State

Washington State

Oregon State

Notre Dame



Mississippi St.



Louisiana Tech






SEC Championship (Tennessee)

Ok, I dropped the cream puffs from all sides and kept the Ten Toughest games. Who do you guys think has the toughest schedule. Records aside (because we all know that teams like Arkansas are a probably little better than their record, and teams like Arizona state are possibly a little worse.)

The way I see it, we each have a game that involves a team of the same caliber on the top of our list. Cal, Texas, and UGA.

After that, I believe we are neck and neck with USC for the second toughest game Between UT and VaTech, OK comes in 3rd with OSU. (this would be a lot more convincing if UT hadnt dropped the ND game.)

I think we get the edge in our third toughest game. UT for the second time over Texas A&M and ASU

Moving on, I'd say that LSU is far tougher than whoever USC and OK would have as No. 4 on their list ND? Iowa St?

After that I think it gets pretty jumbled. And Id say that USC takes the bottom of the list.

How do ya'll see it?

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According to the people who count, USC has the 4th or 5th toughest schedule. OU averaged around 15th. We came in around 50th or worse. No matter how much we analyze it, ULM and The Citadel killed any chance of going any higher. LaTech, Arki, UK and MSU didn't help at all. That's six teams dragging us down. Ole Miss and LSU are the only two teams we've played that actually gave us a game. UT has been downgraded because of two losses, the ND loss really hurting them (and us). Not sure how the UA game will be viewed by the voters, but the UGA game is the only chance, IMO, of a quality win. I won't argue OU/USC/AU SOS this year with anyone, because in my view, I lose if I'm supporting AU. I will add that USCs SOS (4 or 5) is totally BS. OU at 14 or 15 may be close. And AU at 50 is probably too low since we did and do play LSU, UGA, UT, Ark, UA and OM. Ordinarily, that would be 6 tough games.

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It will all even out after UGA/Bama/UT in succession. The SEC is usually very strong but this year is a little down and the teams we've played besides that joke of an OOC schedule, have turned out to...well...suck!

Just keep the faith that our next three games will put us in a light nationally that no one can argue with.

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