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So Another "Muslim Free" Shooting Range


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I think this is 100% a marketing scheme for this guy.

I find it funny that there is a shooting and he blames the Muslims. Yet stands there with a CFB background when he made his announcement when there was a mass shooting involving that. Also while claiming he won't arm or train anyone that would harm his fellow patriots. Wrong flag background for that statement, and why are you defending the use of it in you video on who I will sell guns to?

In the news interview he admits he can't really enforce it and won't ask everyone their religion cause it is none of his business.


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Of course, just what we need. :puke:

Along with more:

"African-American Free" lunch counters

"Native American Free" bars and nightclubs

"Homosexual Free" pizza joints

"Jewish Free" golf courses

"Atheist Free" library collections

"Asian Free" convenience stores

"Female Free" executive board rooms

"Mexican Free" malls

etc., etc., etc.

Discrimination is discrimination, stereotyping is stereotyping, hate is hate. But I'm sure this shooting range proprietor will pick more bigoted customers because of his stand, so for him I suppose it's a good business plan.

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