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Gamble 90 dollars, get a free bucks worth of gas

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Thousands Line Up at Casino for Cheap Gas

MASHANTUCKET, Conn. -- Gamblers at the Foxwoods Resort Casino stood in line for hours Tuesday for the opportunity to exchange points earned on their casino cards for gasoline. The deal continues through Wednesday.

Customers can earn a casino "Wampum'' point for every $90 they gamble at the casino.

Under a promotion being run Tuesday and Wednesday, Foxwoods was exchanging each point earned for a dollar worth of gas.

With gas prices averaging $3.23 a gallon in Connecticut, customers said it was worth the three-hour wait to get hold of the cards, which can be used at Exxon and Mobil stations.

Judy Kelly, 51, of Franklin, Mass., said she drove to the casino just for the promotion. She and her husband were hoping to get $850 put on a gas card. The casino limit for a single player is $500.

"This is great. Something everybody can use,'' Kelly said. "It's better than a T-shirt.''

The casino had planned to give the cards out at its Wampum Rewards Store, at which points are normally exchanged for merchandise.

But three other sites were soon opened to handle the lines, said Tom Cantone, the casino's vice president of marketing and entertainment.

The casino planned to open a ballroom to handle the crowd Wednesday. The casino will also offer the promotion on two days in August.


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