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DENVER UPDATE: "This party is sick, decrepit and losing its soul!"


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In Denver, Ralph Nader and Sean Penn rip the Dems

By Jeff Dufour and Patrick Gavin

POSTED August 28, 2008 | 3:04 PM

"This party is losing its soul!"

Just a few miles from the Democratic love-in taking place at the Pepsi Center, Green Party Candidate Ralph Nader and actor Sean Penn fired up a crowd of 4,000 at the University of Denver and presented not only a sharp rebuke of the Republican Party, but of Democrats as well.

"You'll have to excuse my voice," said Penn. "I've been numbing myself on the punch at this prom -- and it is a prom."

"The Democratic and Republican candidates who seek our employment as our next president are both on record as participants in devolving our Constitution," said Penn, who conceded that Barack Obama is "a great symbol of possibility," but called the Democratic nominee "dominantly status quo."

"I'm sick of this high school with suits on called the Democratic and Republican parties!" said Penn. "They snicker away debate like a clique of wormy snobs."

Nader issued an ever more direct critique of the week-long Democratic convention. "Who are they kidding? Who are they trying to fool with their flattery? … This party is sick, decrepit and losing its soul!"

"They are being wined and dined by the 'corporators,' the corporate predators, the corporations who have ripped off American consumers and workers," said Nader.

Penn also ripped Democrats for what he sees as dirty politics against Obama. "When we are told not to vote for someone because he or she is a spoiler, let's remember that Barack Obama himself is considered the greatest spolier of all by a narcissistic branch of Democrats who have simply forgot their manners, a slip of hubris that most certainly has Dr. King clawing at his casket. … Like a little kid losing at a game, they take the ball from the field and switch their allegiance to the man who would be George Bush III: John McCain."

Other notable quotables from the nearly five-hour event:

"What are they afraid of? That someone will throw a pie at Nancy Pelosi for being so spineless? That someone will tell Hillary Clinton that her pantsuit is the same color as prison uniforms?" - Former Dead Kennedys frontman Jello Biafra

"I'm the half-Kenyan Harvard grad who's not running for president." - Rage Against The Machine's Tom Morello

"For those of you who are worried, all of this confetti will be recycled." -Nader

"Stop listening to non-stop music -- which is blowing up your mind -- and get serious." -Nader

"[socialist candidate] Eugene Debs ran for president five times so I have a special affinity for Eugene Debs." -Nader

"I love to call Bush a boil on the ass of democracy. … If we lance Boil Bush, we'll get Boil Obama or Boil McCain." - Cindy Sheehan


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Sean Penn, a true American who I should let tell me who to vote for! :(

They are anti-Democrat and anti-Republican. So, I guess they are right about that.

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Did Penn order a pizza and then pay with coins?

I don't care who he is speaking for or against, he is a moron. He will always be Jeff Spicoli to me.

As for the others, I thought they were all good little dims. Except Nader, of course.

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