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  1. There was an altercation between the two. No one will say if it got physical or just words. McGriff walked off and quit. Roberts is a "get off my lawn" guy and very difficult to work with. His was or no way. Not 100% sure of this but told that Roberts said something he shouldn't have to one of McGriff's players and McGiffi jumped in and defended his guy. McGriff is a Freeze guy, so he will be back. Roberts? Guess you can read between the lines here. So I'm told.
  2. This is the most amazing thing I've ever seem in my 40 plus years of college football. Still to this day I can't believe it. But it happened. I'm not Steele fan but the only thing Steele did was make a list of which coaches / plan he would get / do if Gus was fired midseason. When it came apparent Gus was going to get fired, was he interested in being a candidate for the job? That is pretty much it. Of course he said yes on the interest of the job.
  3. I think that is pretty accurate. From what I was told. But who really knows.
  4. Yep. Right behind Gus's back. Seem's Gus was so uninvolved with his football team,, he had no clue or didn't care. I was shocked that Gus offered the UCF DC job to T-Will, after being turned down by several others and even more shocked T-Will took it. You can see the character of T-Will for accepting the job, very little. So much to say here but it's not worth it to be honest.
  5. When I say little things, it's things like remembering something that he was told by a recruit, family names, stuff like this that really matter. His memory of things like this is extortionary I'm told. He has to remind his good recruiters stuff about kids all the time and expects them to find out more about the kid and his family. Dye could also do this. It's a unique talent a lot of people don't have.
  6. So far I’m impressed with Hugh and what he is doing. It’s hard to explain and talk about things he is doing on a message board but I’m impressed so far. Some little things that matter big with recruiting. He damn sure gets it.
  7. Lot of balance with this. I don’t think it would be appropriate to put actual numbers here but a lot of balance with AU and it’s players right now. Seems to be working well so far.
  8. It isn't just a money game. That is the whole point here. Just because it legal now, don't be naive and think A&M hasn't been slinging cash around buying recruits for the past 20 plus years. Absolutely they have. Saban is pissed off the whole system. That has leveled what he has done and given schools like AU a chance to do things he could get away with in the past. Saban is pissed off at Jimbo for calling Nick out for what he has been doing in the past, cheating his ass off. That is personal.
  9. Then this should show you what huge influence big money has within a college program. Has A&M even played in the SEC championship game? Accord to some in this thread, all that money is HUGE winning strategy. Hell they ready to fire their high paid coach but can't because his buyout is too much, LOL. As far as Auburn vs A&M with money, how do you know Auburn couldn't bid against A&M on a consistent basis? Could you even name a couple of AU money people, family's past 5? I don't think 99% of the people here could. What Auburn and A&M are willing to spend on athletics might be a little closer than you think. Most of this is private behind the scenes deals that, believe it or not, some AU people don't want hitting the streets. Legal or illegal. AU has at least 3 BILLIONAIRES funding athletics. One, not even on people's radar. Add in Tim Cook, it's four. That isn't "poor". Two more than bama has funding things. Money isn't a problem at AU. All of this Auburn is poor is absurd. Piss poor leadership has been AU's problem for decades. I just don't get all of this gashing of the teeth over Coleman and A&M. It's not the end of the world and this isn't nowhere near over. Not going to be the only kid that AU will miss on because of outrageous NIL deals. It's going to happen. It's not the way Hugh thinks is going to build a sustainable program at AU. (So I'm told)
  10. You are 100% correct here. AU will not and is not going to get in a bidding war for Coleman or any kid like this. That is the whole point. Not sure what you point is here? You are acting like AU is poor. I'm telling and have been for years, AU has PLENTY of money. Money has NEVER been an AU problem. Leadership has been AU's problem. Not money.
  11. Coleman is real good. Could be a gamechanger. But he isn't worth a huge bidding war. Just not. There is more to this than just paying a kid. You also have to juggle who you have currently on the team. This stuff matters. People have to think about these things. It just isn't as simple as most think it is or should be. These things will affect a locker room. You lose that locker room, you won't win anything.
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