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  1. Getting kind of late on that bringing in a guard thing.
  2. I hear what you are saying. Cal's had tons of talent in the past. He's gonna have to prove he doesn't deserve the Done the Least with the Most award. Be interesting to see if he decides to actually coach again.
  3. Why?!? Because they are now professionals? /Sarc
  4. My wife's a Gamecock and I've heard early Heisman chatter out of Cola.
  5. He's got Barner written all over him!!
  6. With NIL, there are no surprises. Money talks. Players walk. Hard to get excited about recruiting either when I get the feeling a bigger offer is just around the corner for any of our "commits".
  7. No. He won’t. He ain’t coached anybody up in years. Arkansas ain’t the draw for talent that UK is. Unless Walmart is paying for players well, He’ll fall on his face. If he does get talent, they’ll be uncoached. No one has done less with more in NCAA history.
  8. AU Swimming Men finished 12th at NCAA's. We are a perennial top 10 team. Beginning to show signs of life after a few seasons of not even having qualifiers. Women finished 19th. Again, signs of life.
  9. It's going to be impressive to watch the staffs in the AD's explode with people to recruit all three areas of interest. How one coach is gonna have the time and ability to recruit HS, portal, and his own team, in addition to actually coaching, will be a super human feat.
  10. Is that an unknown when recruiting from the Portal?
  11. Might not be a good thing for us. UK gets a real coach in there, could get ugly for us bottom feeders. Maybe NIL will balance out Bball too.
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