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  1. True. Nothing changes without ending paid lobbying and, extreme campaign finance reform. The government cannot be for sale. It is even for sale to interests outside the country. Partisan politics is the perfect diversion. It amuses and confuses the masses. Classic divide and conquer. Ideological idiocy destroying reason, common sense, truth, justice, compassion,,, humanity. We listen to people who justify policy by virtue of ideology. We should be more concerned with principles.
  2. I cannot understand how some can believe in the "sanctity of human life" and then, believe that food and healthcare are not basic human rights.
  3. As a taxpayer, I would prefer more money going into education than, continually spending ridiculous amounts on military hardware.
  4. Relative equality would help. As inequality grows, society declines.
  5. The product of a financialized economy is debt. For every dollar of GDP, we create 3 dollars of debt. We need to stop blaming the poor and powerless. We need to think about who is "winning" and, why.
  6. Investment by China in Mexico may solve the "border crisis" for us.
  7. Bidun has to lock up his opponents. Elections are difficult to steal,,, particularly the second time. Trump is the only hope for America. Please, please, buy your Trump bible, your Trumpy bear, Trump coins, visit your nearest MAGA merchandise store. The alternative is the hellscape of a socialist utopia filled with murdering, raping, lawless illegal human beings animals. We do not have to live in this constant fear.
  8. NBC has several Republican hosts, anchors, commentators. They are reasonable, honest, thoughtful. There is a big difference between Republicans and, those who wish to entrench wealth, destroy democracy, dictate morality (fascists).
  9. No one could represent Alabama more authentically.
  10. We need to have a long talk.
  11. It is a clear message, directly on target.
  12. The problems with democracy are not really conceptual. The problems have more to do with power consolidated within two parties, a misinformed, divided electorate and, corrupt campaign finance laws. We are not honest enough or, intelligent enough to understand that society is a reflection of the economy and, the economy a reflection of society. We have precious little democracy left in this country. We serve the economic interests of a relative few,,, almost exclusively. We are too arrogant to believe we have anything to learn.
  13. Why are you not providing links/citations? How is this relevant?
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