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Dr. Richardson, The BOT, and a New AD

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To The Auburn Family...

Well the season is off to a great start. So far Our Tigers look as good on the field

as they look off the field.Which is to say that they are truly improving and looking

better all the time. Since CTT came to Auburn, we have seen the character of the

players and the graduation rates both improve dramaticlly. They still could

to be even better but no one can argue that we are not headed in the right direction.

Under CTT, it is not unusual to see graduates playing as Seniors. This year alone

we have 8 Graduates Playing for us now. If that doesnt make you feel good about

being an Auburn Tiger than nothing will. You see, Dr Petrie was right.

The Auburn Family believes in Hard Work, in Education, in a Sound Mind, and

then in a Sound Body. What Dr. Petrrie wrote so long ago is in the heart of all

Auburn Men and Women. It is what makes us uniquely "Auburn."

We have had some problems at AU of late however. The SACs Probation,

losing Dr. Walker, Mr. Housel, and several more. To our shame, we almost

ran off Coach Tuberville. Many wonder what Dr.Petrie would say to that?

Dr. Richardson has taken some actions that were needed at AU and won the

supoport of many. But recently he overstepped his bounds and made some

remarks that damaged Auburn again. We all know what was said.

The Auburn Family is at a crossroads. We can continue to act like mature

adults here and invest in the Auburn Dream, and invest in the Auburn Creed.

We can slowly and methodically build AU into a treasure to leave to our heirs.

One built on Character, Honesty, Nobleness, and the "Human Touch." Or we

can become another one of many college football factories that rule by the

win-loss column. Constantly changing coaches and riding the ups and downs of

the rollercoaster of fortune.

Shug was at AU for more than two decades. Bear was at Alabama that long

as well. Paterno, Osborne, et al were allowed to build a system that all their

Institutions were proud to call as part of their traditions. With CTT we have a

coach that could bring us to that point again.

Dr. Richardson is now selecting and interviewing candidates for

Athletic Director. This position was so important not so long ago it was

usually given to the head football coach. Bear and Dye were both head

coaches and ADs. While no one advocates that now, we need to insure

the new AD is of like mind with the AU Family. We need an AD that

is not another yes man to powerful BOT Members, and has no

connections with ANY BOT Member. We do not need a yes man

for anyone but Auburn, The Creed, and The Auburn Family.

If you feel as I do, Please voice your concerns to:

Dr. Richardson or call 334-844-4650.

Live the Creed.

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Well said, my friend. The call and E-mail are on the way!

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What did Richardson say this time? Or is this the thing about the coaching job not being secure - losing to LSU, UT, UGA, Bama... lose Citadel comment - that is.

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Great post. However, it seems that the win/loss numbers matter much to us also. Your statement will go over much better after a victory over LSU as opposed to a loss.

I kinda see the AU Family in the context of wedding vows. Together, for better or worse; in sickness or health; til death do us part. However, we all know what happens when things get worse these days. . . call a lawyer, get a divorce.

There is a spectrum of success/failure. No one can be at the very top all the time. It even appears that it is difficult to remain consistently at the bottom.

We should always be in a position that we expect to win our games. As long as we are in the hunt for the Championships, and it appears that our coaches are making necessary effort, we should stick with them. When we have a loss, rather than diss our players and coaches, we should encourage them to go out and win the next game. At the end of the season is the time for critical analysis.

As far as our new AD, I wouldn't know a good one from a bad one. If you have reasons to support one above another please enlighten me. I do agree that it should be someone with AU values. Why is it we almost never hire AU grads?

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