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Clinton lies yet again to folks in New Mexico


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Bill Clinton was at a campaign rally in New Mexico, recalling how it was 34 yrs ago that he, as a penniless law student was driving in his brand new AMC Gremlin to visit the painted dessert ( which is in Arizona, not New Mexico ) and Indian Reservations, buying turquois and silver jewlery from a Native American.

How does he a 'penniless' law student buy a brand new ANYTHING?

This smacks of the ridiculous lie tha Hillary told when telling the story about how her parents named her after Sir Edmund Hilary, the 1st man to climb Mt Everest.

Hillary Rodham ( born Oct 26, 1947 ) must have had either no name or changed her name for her first 5 1/2 yrs , as Sir Edmund didn't scale to the top of Mt Everest untill May 29, 1953.

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