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Best Auburn QB performance in a game...


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Sullivan had his 71 UGA game ( 248yds-4tds )

Burger had his 87 Texas game ( 269yds-2tds )

Slack had his 89 UA game ( 274yds-0tds )

White had his 90 UT game ( 338yds-3tds )

Nix had his 94 UF game ( 319yds-3tds )

Craig had his 97 LSU game ( 342yds-2tds )

Leard had his 99 UGA game ( 416yds-4tds )

and now Campbell has his 04 UT game ( 374yds-3tds )

In terms of "team" accomplishments, only Slack and Campbell's performance won their team a SEC title. Because of the bigger numbers, I believe that we saw the best Auburn QB performance tonight!

Thank you Jason Campbell!!!

WDE :au::football::cheer::big::big::big:

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I thought I heard that Craig had 445yds in his SEC championship game.


He had 262yds-2tds against UT in 1997. He had over 400-yards against Army in our Bowl game in 1996.

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